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As the main recruiting officer for my guild, attrition has been my top concern.

We're still 7+ months out from release, and that, in itself, leaves a lot of variables out on the table.
Variables that are unable to be fully controlled or alleviated.

Q: What are you fellow recruiters doing on your end to battle this?
Q: Are you a member of a guild and have concerns?

Atm, our gaming community has taken on a new game in the hopes of building chemistry and hype within it. However, I think doing such a thing can also take away from more direct prepping for Classic, and I think a portion of our community has already felt that to some extent. This seems especially true for the members that are apart of our wow classic roster, who simply aren't interested in the game the rest of our community has taken on--causing a rift of sorts.

So far, our classic roster has seen quite a bit of changes, and will certainly be seeing more over the coming months. I'd like to hear back from you guys to see what your experience has been and what steps you're taking to make the most of the wait time.

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All I can say is that from the posting we’ve had here it seems that most people will be changing their minds about what class/role/profession they want to play and prepare for before launch. Trying to designate and organise stuff like that now will be a bit of a ballache.

If I were you I’d focus more on just getting more people involved and then leave all the rest until a week before release when people really start deciding.

Out of interest what’s the other game your guys are thinking about playing? Is it being released at around the same time or does it have a set date?

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teebling wrote:
1 year ago
Out of interest what’s the other game your guys are thinking about playing? Is it being released at around the same time or does it have a set date?
They picked up Atlas and are currently playing it. I personally don't recommend the game to anyone.

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Now this is a valid concern. I'm a guild officer myself and I don't think there really is much we can do until Classic launches. Like you mentioned, playing games with the crew to keep spirits high and form those important bonds that will hold the guild together when raiding gets tough is important. Also setting up scheduled chill out time over Voice Chat is a great idea. If you can, incorporate a music playing bot into your chat channel and take turns submitting straight bangers. This is how I came to love lo-fi chillhop.

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Those that want to play will play, I am hoping to build a huge guild myself and am looking to pick up new members that sounds like they would like our angle on the game but honestly? The only realistic way of guild building at this point is waiting until the game comes out and recruiting as you go.

As for keeping those interested that you have recruited at the moment? Well there is not much you can really do. As I said, those that are interested and want to play, will play. No amount of group building and morale boosting is going to change that and quite frankly its not fair for you to stress over it. Just be sure to keep everyone's contact details and touch base a month or two out from release. If anything trying to hard to keep everyone together is just going to make them lose interest while waiting so long or burning out on hype.

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I started recruiting yesterday and had 10 people from various EU regions PM me asking to get in. We're not going to be a hardcore guild, we were once, but most of the teenagers and twenteenagers who played back then are 30-40 years old now and have kids, jobs, lives etc. We'll clear MC at some stage, anything more will be a bonus ;) For us it's about community and the oldskool experience, oh, and ganking some ally along the way. I think the best thing to do is just put accross you intentions, make clear your style, let like minded people come to you and let them convince their friends. If your hardcore then I suppose you just start filtering people in and out to fit your roster as they breach 60 and start gearing. Only then will you be able to structure a solid team. For now, just let people play what they want to play. So many people got pigeon holed in to class specs, they may not want to play that again and will have to learn a whole new class from scratch. Just give it time, there's plenty of it.

Oh, and if anyone from the EU region is reading this and wants to join me and my motly crew of rag tag veterans please just let me know. We want players with families, jobs, responsibilities & prior commitments. Going AFK, slacking or having your baby on your knee while you game is exactly what we're looking for! If you have a real life, we want you!

Soup ;)

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