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Okay so here's what to do:

Make sure you have 'Lifecraft' font installed.

Open up 'rendering_text.psd' and open up Character window - make sure that anti-aliasing option is set to 'Mac LCD'. This will keep the characters nice and thick.

Edit the text to whatever you want then 'Rasterize Layer'. Bear in my that I always use lowercase letters in every title - capital letters in this font look bad for some reason so always type it as 'example' - not 'Example' or 'EXAMPLE'. Now double click the layer and apply the following layer styles:

Bevel & Emboss with these settings:

Bevel & Emboss > Texture
Select penultimate texture in 'Rock Textures' and use these settings (depth +5%):

Gradient Overlay with these settings:
(Use colour picker to pick the light yellow on left and orange on right from this screenshot:

Now export this as a .PNG again and copy and paste it into 'ready_for_png.psd'.

In the 'ready_for_png.psd' file, do Image > Adjustments > Exposure and increase Exposure to 15%.

Now copy and paste this .PNG as a new layer and move it underneath the original layer.

On this new layer turn do Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and turn Lightness all the way down to 0 so that it turns into a black silhouette.

Now apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set radius to 1pixel. Then copy and paste it twice, so that you now have three black blurred silhouettes on top of each other underneath the gold text.

Position it all nicely above the embellishment and export it as a .PNG. Don't forget to compress the image before you put it online. Remember the psd file is 300px wide but if you are making a short word you don't need all that empty space on each side making the file bigger so change the canvas size before export if thats the case.

Here's the 'rendering_text.psd' file.


Here's the 'ready_for_png.psd' file - it has a completed example if the above instructions confuse you.


I know it looks complicated but this is because I use a much simpler and I find better tool called Pixelmator instead of Photoshop which I find incredibly clunky to use - so there are lots of steps here to reproduce what I can do in Pixelmator to make it look identical to the titles already on the rogue guide.

Lemme know if you have any issues and adjust if you need to.

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