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Wowhead have just announced they're building a database site for wow classic!

While we are adding more-modern elements of Wowhead to our Classic site, like news and guides, we have decided to go with old-school styling that reflects an earlier version of the site, including the logo and menus.
Nice to see they're also going with an older style to enhance nostalgia - but I don't think wowhead was even around in Vanilla days... more like Thotbot and TenTonHammer back then! :)

Will you guys use their service or will you consider it cheating to some extent? I think I will try to restrict my usage of this amazing tool simply for my own enjoyment of learning from other players in-game.

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Interesting for sure, i guess we'll have to wait and see until we are closer to Classic release for any other databases to show that they will be up and running, i do like Wowhead for everything modern wow, so i'll probably end up using them for Classic aswell.

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There’s something magical about finding out stuff from other players, its like an aspect of the game that I really enjoyed. Think about all tje conversations and adventures that didnt happen cos someone just opened up wowhead and quick searched ‘how to beat Hogger’.

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One of the most powerful components of wowhead is the comments sections where the true heroes will be writing the really important stuff - it will be a while before those areas fill up again with correct info - after everyone has literally re-learned how to play the game, either through experience or from ancient fansites... oh and ofc :biggrin:

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This is the logo they have just proposed to use (twitter), built by a reddit user :lol:

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Not to forget WoW Allakhazam that was around during that time as well.

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Without a doubt will become a great source of info like current site - I just hope they extend the ‘old styling’ to also removing all the fucking bloat and ZAM network shit as well...

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The comments sections are not well populated but they have somehow retrieved all the old thotbot comments and transferred them over which is super cool.

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I have my thoughts about Wowhead, but I can appreciate them going through this for that extra nostalgia, even if it isn't an exact copy, though I understand it can never be a pure copy.

Good job, nonetheless.

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