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Warcraft III: TFT Icon Pack

by teebling • 8th April 2018

Image Download (.zip, 1.8 MB)
This is a selection of 235 Warcraft III icons in .PNG format for your use as forum avatars, in-game mod icons, web design etc.

  • 60x60 in dimensions. All images have been compressed (removal of meta data) for web usage.
  • They are slightly enlarged from the originals and I have removed the grey 'frame' border found on the native files.
  • The original artwork is by Blizzard Entertainment, from the game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, which I do not claim rights to.
  • I made a guide on how to convert original .DDS files into .PNG images like these, if you want to do it yourself.

Any questions, suggestions or other comments please feel free to leave a post!

If you would like to use these graphics they are free for non-commercial use providing that proper credit and attribution is made to this page in the form of a link to https://barrens.chat on your website or publication.

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