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2 months ago (1.13.4)
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After 5 years of not playing WoW, I have just recently returned. I am currently playing retail but I am considering joining classic as well. I have always played on RP realms, mostly argent dawn. So I check out EU RP realms on classic and there are only two, hydraxian waterlords and RP zandalar tribe. Which one should I choose? Is it worth me not going for RP at all as low populations are bad for gameplay?

Populations on EU RP realms ... P-PvE%20RP

Also, is Burning crusade definitely coming to classic? If so I'm excited and ready to get levelling quick :lol:

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2 months ago (1.13.4)
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There's been no official word from Blizzard about TBC. I think most people assume it is coming, myself included. I could rattle off a bunch of reasons why I expect TBC Classic to come next, but none of it really matters until we get official word from Blizzard either way.

Classic is fun, I've been hooked for nearly the past year and it's still as fun as when it launched. The game is very different now from launch, all of the servers have moved from the levelling stage to the endgame stage. This means you missed out on the phase where everybody was out in the world levelling together, but at least this means the zones are more clear for you to be able to quest in peace. And once you hit 60, if you've found a guild along the way, you can drop into raids and get caught up on gear pretty quick. The real boss for this game is player attrition, so guilds are always recruiting.

Can't really tell you which server to pick. If you got any friends who play, then join them on their server. Otherwise just pick one and get started.

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US Atiesh
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2 months ago (1.13.4)
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Classic wow is over halfway past its timeline but there's still plenty to do and have fun. And even if you don't get to 60 you can still have a blast. Jump on in!

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