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US Atiesh
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1 month ago (1.13.4)
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I'm curious to hear how well people did while moving into AQ. I think maybe our guild got lucky with healer gear since I am only a couple of pieces away from everything I could even want with the raids available. AQ will obviously give some nice juicy upgrades but it was nice to get everything else first before having to feel rushed. I only need Lok'amir and those healing boots off trash (only got 2 of them so far which was really unlucky). How did you do?

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US Fairbanks
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1 month ago (1.13.4)
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My bear tank has pretty much everything but a DFT. Got my band of accuria, got my BWL mace, got exalted with Arathi Basin for the shoulders. I'm 8/8 T2 as well, but I'm full feral and I've just been soaking up offspec healing gear that would have otherwise been disenchanted. No lokamir for me, I probably wouldn't even bid on it over people's eventual healer alts. I found a jindo's hexer in a ZG run that nobody needed, so I took it. It's close enough for something that sits in the bank.

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