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6 months ago (1.13.4)
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I’ve been hopping back and forth between Grobbulus and Deviate Delight trying to decide whether to level a horde or alliance druid, but as of to today Grob is “locked” in the realm list. What exactly does that mean? I’m assuming it means locked to transfers but is there anything else?

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6 months ago (1.13.4)
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They should be locked to transfers and new character creations. To help queue times.

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Yep, with so many people jailed inside their houses right now there were quite a few servers that went back to some long ass queues. Blizzard turned layering back on with these servers, but with the goal to again disable layering at some point in the future when the populations died down a little bit. The concern was that layering would enable higher populations, and if people were able to keep flocking to these super mega servers then the populations were at risk to grow so large that layering could never be disabled. So to keep populations capped at a volume that allows layering to go away later on, these realms are locked and new players can no longer create characters on these servers - except (I think) if you already have characters on the server, in which case you're still free to create alts.

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