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US Skeram
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7 months ago (1.13.4)
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Hi all! I'm new here, but I am a Vanilla player and now a 47 UD Warlock in Classic. Just as before, I'm in it for the PvP.

I know most Destruction Locks who spec Conflag do NF as well... I have NF now as part of my leveling build, but don't love relying on a proc in PvE and I'll hate it in PvP. I'm thinking about the nuke potential of all of the fire skills in Destruction, especially SP because of the PvP gloves (50% to avoid interrupt on SP). I'll be squishy, but 95% of the time I play with a priest friend who healbots and dishes the occasional nastiness.

Here's the build I'm thinking of trying... anyone have experience with this build, or tried similar? Thoughts? Thanks, all!

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EU Razorgore
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7 months ago (1.13.4)
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The problem is that you don't have that mid range Fire nuke. Searing Pain is a nice spell but sometimes it just doesn't hit hard enough. Soul Fire hits very, very hard but often takes too long to cast. Shadowbolt is that nice 2.5 second nuke that hits a LOT harder than Searing Pain but is almost twice as fast to cast as Soul Fire.
Having NF to proc Shadowbolts is also not to be underestimated. Shadowbolt is a very hard hitting spell and you can spam rank 1 Corruptions (low manacost) to have it proc quite often.
Your idea is good but by not using Shadowbolt you're missing 1) your go-to mid range nuke and 2) procced instant burst.
TBC actually fixed this problem by giving us Incinerate to replace Shadowbolt in these scenario's.

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US Kirtonos
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7 months ago (1.13.4)
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morbidmike wrote:
7 months ago
TBC actually fixed this problem by giving us Incinerate to replace Shadowbolt in these scenario's.
He's right, you need to wait for TBC unfortunately.
I really love the Incinerate spell, the visuals are outstanding!
Can't wait for TBC (if it comes) so i can play with fire as a warlock.
Same thing they did with Mages, you really can't be a true arcane mage using just arcane missiles.
Arcane blast was added so you dont need to waste points into fire/frost to help frostbolt or fireball to hit hard as your nuke
blox wrote:
7 months ago
I'm in it for the PvP
For PvE, no you can't, too much threat with searing pain
As PvP, fire is just fine, but fire is for burst with shadow burn and conflag but like @morbidmike said you dont have that filler incinerate, you will have to use shadowbolt. It uses alot of shards and mana

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7 months ago (1.13.4)
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Fire Destro is a good pvp spec, but that's about it.

The only other possible use for it is if you wanted to solo grind elites at 60, but you could probably do that with a multitude of warlock builds. The fire elite solo gimmick is curse of exhaustion, with improved stuff on it, then deep fire destro with improvements to searing pain and chance on daze. Either imp for more damage for succubus to bail you out with a clutch seduce.

But yeah, sadly searing pain is one of my favorite spells but is pretty garbage b/c of the aggro addition. Which, to be honest, I've no clue why Blizzard left that on the spell for so long. I guess they didn't want warlocks and mages to both do fire damage?

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