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8 months ago (1.13.3)
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- Arathi Basin coming March 10th
- ZG coming in April

 Blizzard Entertainment
With the WoW Classic PTR now open for business, we have a test environment where we can dig into some of the content that is coming soon to WoW Classic.

To be specific, our plan is to open Arathi Basin on all realms the week of March 10. At that time, we will also kick off the Battleground Holidays system.

We plan to open Zul’Gurub and release the fabled Dragons of Nightmare in April.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have an exact time that those content unlocks will occur.

Thank you!
Interesting. There definitely felt like a content drought in the long leadup to BWL. I kind of like the fact that we're going to get ZG soon. We're 3 weeks into BWL and have already brought our clear time down to ~2 hours and expect it to fall more in the coming weeks. I don't want to see AQ'40 release any time soon, maybe like June or July timeframe.

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8 months ago (1.13.3)
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And naxx in september/october ?

IMHO, classic patch will end this year and bli² will announce next plan in blizzcon ?

I'm really happy for ZG and Arathi, it was a really good moment/memory in Vanilla !

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8 months ago (1.13.3)
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Pippina wrote:
8 months ago
I don't want to see AQ'40 release any time soon
Same, dont want AQ out too soon
I would like it out sometime in August maybe the 27th to be a year into classic

Feels long but they can make their own timeline now
I think the worst thing they can do is get naxx out and a month later release TBC classic.
It will feel like vanilla again where not everyone can get into Naxx and experience it

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US Sulfuras
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8 months ago (1.13.3)
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Wow that was quick. AQ40 by summer I'm guessing.

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US Myzrael
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8 months ago (1.13.3)
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I'm very much looking forward to playing some AB!

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8 months ago (1.13.3)
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Personally, I don't mind the release of ZG in April because my first toon will be lvl 60 by then and it helps me to catch up faster.

However, the pace of rolling out the different phases seems to be quite fast. I just hope Blizzard (or is it Activision these days..) doesn't rush the release schedule of future raids because of their financial/operational goals (e.g. to avoid player churn and loss of subscriptions).

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