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Caperfin's Guide to Rogue Tanking
by Caperfin • 24th February 2020

About Author
Hi, my name is Caperfin and welcome to my guide! I'm known around the community for pushing World of Warcraft to its limit for five years, redefining what classes can do and transcribing it into comprehensible guides for the community. If a subject is not addressed or poorly, please let me know. Also, If you have any questions after having read the guide, feel free to drop by the stream and ask questions.

Let's begin!
Can rogues tank in Vanilla? The short and to the point answer is, yes. You might be rubbing your eyes right now in disbelief of this answer. Perhaps concocting up an entire four page manifesto around how only warriors can and should tank. Although, I could go on a long rant about how there are many other classes that can tank, today, I will be focusing on our poison wielding friend, the rogue.
Gear + Enchants
Tank Comparison
Raid Composition

My intent and statement with this guide is not to upset anyone or downplay different classes but to bring to light a rarely talked about topic of the game. Nothing about what will be detailed in this guide is orthodox, many distinctive elements can be tied to other hybrid classes looking to stray away from the path of normality.

Every possible topic that comes to mind will be analysed to answer any questions you might have. In the unfortunate situation a topic is not
addressed or poorly, please let me know. I expect the same amount of scrutiny from readers as I've put into writing this guide, so don't hold
back. Before moving on, a crucial subject needs to be brought to everyone's attention. For some players this will be old news, but for many
others players this will be a much needed revelation.

The topic of Viable and Optimal is a highly controversial topic as some people simply don't see the difference or mixed these words up and
often impose their own misguided philosophy onto it. To put it simply, Optimal is the most efficient and foolproof solution to solve a problem
that eliminates as many negative variables as possible and favors a more easy going route. Next, is Viable or often referred to as possible,
which is often seen as the more challenging path to take but to many feels like a greater personal achievement.

A Rogue in BiS Tanking Gear


Let me put your fears to rest, Rogues are fully capable of tanking 5mans, 10mans, off-tanking and even main-tanking a few raid bosses. Of
course, as stated before, each form of tanking is heavily reliant on personal & guild experience. An important fact needs to be stated before
continuing on. A rogue's overall defensive capabilities will never approach a warrior's defensive capabilities. This leads to a lower mitigation
of physical damage.

Races play a big part as we are grasping for any amount of extra efficiency possible but before moving to that subject, let us look at factions first. Unfortunately, the Horde don't have access to the paladin class, which is a huge detriment to our tanking capabilities. On the other hand, the Alliance is the clear winner with numerous exclusive defensive and offensive aspects. I highly suggest sticking to the Alliance faction as they have it much easier than the Horde. Listed below, are the best races out there.
ImageHuman ... ialization / ... ialization: Increases chance to hit with swords and maces and the damage dealt. ... man-spirit: Increases spirit by 5%.(We don't benefit from Spirit in anyway in Player versus Environment or "PvE") Dramatically increases stealth detection for 20 seconds. 3 min cooldown. (Unfortunately, sees no use in PvE) Reputation gains increased by 10%.

What does this mean?: Because of their weapon skill specialisations in both swords and maces, they are the absolute best race for dealing as much threat as possible. Also many notable weapons are maces and swords. Human is without a doubt the top ranking race for rogue tanking.
Night Elf ... resistance: Nature Resistance increased by 10. Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Lasts until... Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 50%. Dodge chance increased by 1%.

What does this mean?: Although, their defensive advantage might seem insignificant they are the leading race on that notion. Contrary to popular belief, Shadowmeld can't be used while in combat.
Troll ... ialization / ... ialization: Increases chance to hit with bow and thrown while increasing damage. Whether it be physical or magical, all damage against creatures categorised as Beasts is bolstered by 5%. Health regeneration rate increased by 10%. 10% of total Health regeneration may continue during combat. Increases your spell casting and attack speed by 10% to 25%. At full health the speed increase is 10% with...

What does this mean?: The most suited race within the horde for playing a rogue tank. However, as stated before, playing a rogue on the horde is an uphill battle filled with challenges and limitations.


While leveling, select Herbalism & Alchemy. Herbalism provides reagents for Alchemy and a source of gold for our eventual endgame professions. The goal is to gather a large supply of gold and a bank full of potions the raid might need, for ex: A valid case can be made for having a lvl 5 character in a major city to disenchant unwanted items through mail and store items at a bank for later use.
Afterwards abandon Herbalism and go for the late game profession, Engineering. In order to scoop up a few useful tools, such as:, among many other gadgets.

Finally, for secondary professions, I urge grabbing all of them as they all provide valuable assets. In terms of fishing, you can farm those elusive Stonescale Eels that are highly contested after for Flask of the Titans. First aid grants bandages for healing that don't require any mana to use. Lastly, cooking has Dragonbreath Chili a sheer delight as it not only scales with spell damage but also alongside the trinket: ... dragonling fire increasing debuff: This debuff scales with Goblin Sapper charge as well. All these items nicely combine into a decent boost in threat. Contrary to popular belief, ... eath-chili does stack with another food buff.


Because a plethora of questions surrounding aggro/threat are bound to come out of confusion. I'd like to first reference Kenco's words about how gaining aggro on a mob and overall threat functions in World of Warcraft. So without further ado, let me demonstrate how to get creatures more mad at you than unusual.
is first on the list of threat generators as it will be our main used spell in combat to generate combo points. Combo Points are generated onto a target and then consumed through specific spells as we will explore later on.

Image is used to consume our combo points gathered by the previous spell. However, this "combo point spender" is seen as a luxury and used on points that are laying around after having activated: which increases our attack speed and will be very important as we'll explore later on.
Image is sought after since its the best weapon for us in the game. On top of its damaging effect, it also places a debuff on the target which produces threat. The weapon will often push you over the edge and dictate the raiding content you are capable of accomplishing reliably. Also, beneficial for aoe tanking.
Image & Rogues are one of the few classes capable of applying class specific temporary enchants on their weapons. Holding the fourth spot on our list, you will want to make sure your poisons are always applied before starting an encounter as they are responsible for a decent portion of threat. Deadly Poison is favored because in a roundabout way it doesn't depend on hit.
Image might not seem like much but floats around fourth on the list. It will interrupt your swing timer but not trigger a GCD. It is undeniably good to use before a boss pull or against multiple mobs. Luckily, they can be bought on the Auction House or simply created through Alchemy with a profession skill of 220.
Image ... per-charge and similar bombs are great to generate additional threat and a definite must have against multiple mobs. The majority of explosives are created through engineering with the exception of the last two in the following list.

         Note: Not a bomb but ... f-foresigh (shares CD with bombs) is an arcane spell which is great versus fire resistant mobs.
Image & similar potions are global and .5x of the amount given. Health or mana effects cause no threat if at maximum capacity. Players on coherent fights will use a heal pot after Goblin Sapper Charge to deal a lot of threat. Below are Food/Consumables, in order of threat:

Image is the highest damaging reflective effect. Typically, these type of buffs are great against many mobs but still have relevancy in single target scenarios. You can only have one reflective buff on you at a time with the exception: (debuff causes threat). The second highest damaging reflective effect is:
Threat Diminishers

Aggro and threat from teammates is another daunting obstacle to tackle with. Conveniently, there are ways for heavy hitting classes to reduce their threat. To begin with, ranged classes are highly adored because if they were to mistakenly get aggro, they are likely at that sweet 30-40yrd range, so it's easier to supervise. Also characters standing out of the 30-40yrd range will not draw aggro until they exceed the threat level of the mob's current target by 30% as opposed to 10% for melee classes. Here are a few examples of diminishers or dumps in no particular order:

      Image Rogue are the best damage class at dealing with their threat because of their basic spell and wipe threat with
      Image Mage within the frost talent tree can reduce threat they deal passively with or the fire talent
      Image Druid who are mostly spend their time in cat form dealing damage can use the spell Healing druids may get
      Image Priest have two of the easiest threat reducers to acquire, within the discipline talent and the basic spell:
      Image Shaman within the restoration talent tree can obtain the passive talent: & the basic spell:
      Image Paladin passively reduce the threat of others with the basic spell & halt it with


Gearing a tank rogue will not step on anyone's toes. It's possible to play as a purely damage dealing rogue and transition easily to tanking later on. You won't need to convince players about your desire for unconventional gear and go into a diatribe about your plan to go rogue tank later. The General Stat Priority is: Dodge, Agility, Stamina and Armor. However, a certain amount of a specific stat might make it trump the other, ex: (30 Agility > 2% Dodge.) this notion is further explored in the Gear Spreadsheet below.

Down below is a Gear Spreadsheet, which display gear progression and multiple gearing options for your needs:
Gear SpreadsheetShow

Note: An item of notable value to rogue tanking is: This trinket can be activated before a boss fight and swapped out for another item and its effect will remain, these valuable types of items are referred to as "Pre-Activated Items". These items are very situational and not included in the Gear Spreadsheet above. However, some will be listed below. Can be swapped out for another trinket before pulling the boss. Can be swapped out... lasts 40 sec, will heal if caster is below 50%. Can be swapped... great against bosses that cast magical spells.

Down below are Best in Slot gear sets by Phase focused on defensive aspects, see the above Spreadsheet for threat improving gear.
BiS Defensive Gear Sets by PhaseShow

Down below is an explanation of Gear Set Categories and their differences:
Gear Set CategoriesShow
- Dodge/Agility set: The average player set and used throughout the first few weeks of a raid being released.
- Stamina set: A mainly focused stamina set is ideal for magic dealing mobs and usually coupled with notable resistance specific gear.
- Crit/AP set: All defensive notions are presumably satisfied and additional threat is the only goal, popular in dungeon tanking.

Similar to gear, enchants must be tailored against the specific boss you will be facing. To avoid constantly having to re-enchant a piece of gear to tailor to a specific boss fights, have different versions of that gear in the bank or backpack to save on time and money. Allies can also help us, by enchanting their own cloak with

Down below is an Enchant Spreadsheet suited for our tanking duties:
Enchant SpreadsheetShow

Note: Also, ... nchantment an Alliance-only items is very valuable for AoE Tanking.

There exist two possible talents for rogue tanking. Naturally, if you are only doing dungeons the road ahead is much easier and there's more freedom to move points around. However, raid tanking is rigid and follows strict guidelines in order to be effective.

"The Basic"
The default talent build centered around this guide, seen as the safest to pursue and viewed as a preliminary starter pack into the world of tanking 5mans/10mans/pre-raids. Highly, suggested if you are unsure of an upcoming boss fight or still in the learning phase of tanking.
Detailed ExplanationShow

Why and not
Hemorrhage is low energy and applies a useful debuff for physical damage dealers in the group.

Why and not
Preparation is the ultimate safety net to reset any spell that you could need on a whim.
"The Advanced"
Provides the necessary threat to tank high-end raid bosses but will require the constant use of & to a lesser extent ... he-banshee. If you're unable to keep up Bag of Marbles, I suggest sticking with the previous talent setup.
Detailed ExplanationShow

Is there a higher threat dealing talent setup?
Yes, there's 20/31/0. Will require BiS gear and optimal buffs/debuffs.


Because dungeon tanking is fairly trivial, the following rotation will mostly surround raid tanking. Naturally, many actions are synonymous with both tanking environments.

  • Pre-pull: Begin by applying poisons on your weapons. Next, make sure before pulling the mob all possible buffs are present on you and on their maximum duration. If it hasn't been done yet, install the addon: KTM Threat, which displays the list of members and the amount of threat they each deal. I can't stress how much a scenario can go from peaceful to chaotic in the blink of an eye, so watch KTM at all times.

  • Pulling: Immediately after, face the boss and either pull the mob with a ranged weapon or activate Sprint and run to the mob.

  • Combat: As the mob approaches all relevant debuff should be applied, ex: Insect Swarm, see Debuffs for suggestions. Before the first boss swing, use Evasion and Activate Goblin Sapper Charge and any other form of threat generation alongside the constant use of Sinister Strike until 5 points then cast Slice and Dice followed by a Ghostly Strike. Maintain a 5point SnD and at least a 75-80% dodge chance for as long as possible. Some players save Thistle Tea to assure they can Ghostly Strike to stay in that dodge range.The image below showcases the defensive rotation of a rogue tank:
  • Healer Actions: Power Word: Shield should be active constantly alongside similar defensive buffs, see Buffs for suggestions. A healer should preemptively cast a powerful heal on you every 2nd time you're about to get swung by the boss, they may cancel it if you don't get hit with damage. The goal is to get healed the moment, you get hit with damage.


Prioritize collecting Defensive buffs before acquiring Threat related buffs. Agility for example has the added byproduct of helping with defensive and threat measures. Because of duties of an off-tank or known as "OT", less damage is taken, therefore, it's not fully needed to aim for Defensive buffs. Also, some buffs are unobtainable due to certain patch restrictions or unable to stack with others. Let's highlight a few important facts about buffs. There is a max of 32 buffs: Talents, Set bonuses & Equip effects don't count. But Gear enchants count with exceptions: (Crusader enchant and enchants from the profession enchanting don't count.) Resistance enchants however need to be reconfirmed as they make it seem now like those should count. Let's move on and explore relevant buffs to our tanking duties. The following buffs are classified into sub-groups to better highlight their usefulness and showcase different options.
Threat Increasing BuffsShow
Threat Increasing Buffs +140 Attack power, +10% spell crit & +5% melee. Used before a boss fight. (can backfire increasing group’s attack power for 20secs) +200 Attack Power for 2hours. Originates from Dire Maul. +50 Attack power. (Improved by ... r-of-wrath (3/3) tier set bonus) +40 Attack power. (from repeatable Winterspring quest: +10% Agility for 2hrs. From Darkmoon Faire. +25 Agility. (from repeatable quest: ... he-scorpok) +25 Agility, +2% Melee Crit. +10 Agility for 10min. (can't stack with other food buffs) Upon attacking might give party +5% Attack Speed for 4 min. ... of-shahram: Has a chance to trigger (+25% haste to party for 8sec.) +3% Attack Speed for 20 sec. (Others can cast it on you, pref healer) Deals 50 Fire dmg to target within 5yds every 3 sec for 15 sec. (Scales with spell damage) Deals 5 Nature dmg to melee attackers.(from ... eactivator) Deals 12 Nature dmg to melee attackers. (From repeatable quest & anyone can cast it on you) Deals 13 Fire dmg to melee attackers. Deals 18 Nature dmg to melee attackers. (Improved by ... on-raiment (3/3) tier set bonus ) ... -of-damage: +10% damage for 2hrs. (can't stack with other Dark Fortune buffs.) +150 damage done by magical spells & effects for 2 hr. Only 1 flask effect can be active at a time. +20 dmg dealt from spells & abilities. +5% dmg to melee, range and spell damage dealt. The target receives +20% spell damage & healing for 15 sec. From repeatable quest ... songflower in Felwood. Triggering it and then un-equipping it will cause the effect to remain. +10% move speed, +15% all stats. +384 armor, +12 all attributes,+27 all resistance. Increases spell fire damage by up to 40 for 30 min. Often deals ~68 dmg at targets in melee. (scales with spell damage)

Alliance Only: 20 Holy damage to any creature that strikes a party member within 30 yards.

Horde Only: +77 Strength. (effect is increased through a shaman talent) +77 Agility (effect is increased through a shaman talent) +10 Strength for 30 min. +10 Agility for 30min. Provides armor and returns damage. +12 Agility for 30min. (non-repeatable quest reward item)

Defensive Increasing BuffsShow
Defensive Increasing Buffs +10% Stamina for 2hrs. (from Darkmoon Faire). +25 Stamina. (can’t stack w/other food buffs) +15 Stamina. (From Booty Bay). +54 Stamina. +15% Stamina overall for 2hrs. +50 Stamina, +50 spirit. +42 Stamina (effect increased by +1200 Hp. +120 Hp. From the (6/6) ... er-raiment tier set bonus. (a nearby tank can activate it for you.) +2000 Armor for 2min. +450 Armor. +10% Armor for 10min. (from AV battleground) +200 Armor. From repeatable quest in Un’Goro Crater. (can't stack w/Elixir of Superior Defense) Increases armor by 25% for 15 sec. Effect is improved by ... ord-shield. (Healers can trigger its effect on you before a fight and swap it out for another trinket and the effect will remain) From the (4/4) ... s-of-faith tier set bonus. +3% dodge for 30 min. (one time usable item) +5% Dodge for 10 sec. From (8/8) ... nscendence tier set. Heal for 888 over 12 sec. Heal for 1064 over 21 sec. Heal for 970 damage over 15 sec. Useful for magical heavy fights. (effect is bolstered by ... attunement). Useful for physically heavy fights. (effect is bolstered by ... attunement).

Alliance Only: Gives 735 additional armor to party members within 30 yards. Players may only have one Aura on them per...

Horde Only: Reduce melee damage taken by 30. (effect is increased through a shaman talent). (Shaman): Summons a totem for 1 min that heals group members within 20 yards for 14 every 2 seconds.

Resistance Specific Increasing BuffsShow ... ion-potion: Absorbs 1950 to 3250 fire damage. Absorbs 1500 to 2500 fire damage. +15 fire resistance for 10 min.
      Horde Only: ... ance-totem: +60 fire resistance.
      Alliance Only: ... tance-aura: +60 fire resistance. ... ion-potion: Absorbs 1950 to 3250 frost damage. +15 frost resistance for 10 min.
      Horde Only: ... ance-totem: +60 frost resistance.
      Alliance Only: ... tance-aura: +60 frost resistance. ... ion-potion: Absorbs 1950 to 3250 nature damage.
      Horde Only: ... ance-totem: +60 nature resistance. ... ion-potion: Absorbs 1950 to 3250 shadow damage. ... lisk-spine: Increases Frost and Shadow resistance by 10 for 1 min. ... protection: +30 Shadow resistance for 10 min. +10 Shadow resistance for 30 min.
      Alliance Only: ... tance-aura: +60 Shadow resistance.

Mind Control Buffs

I wouldn't be thorough if I didn't mention the wonderful world of Mind Control buffing. It is possible for an alliance priest to use their basic shadow spell: or someone with the engineering to create and use the head slot item against players of the opposing faction. For that duration the mind controlled Horde character is now considered an Alliance player. This allows the character to receive buffs from paladins. In the many guild raids I’ve taken part, we'd have 2-3 players log onto to their lvl 60 pallies and level 60 priests and stationed themselves near the raid entrance or zone for mind control buffing. It is also possible for a priest of any faction to Mind Control certain mobs which can be controlled to dish out beneficial buffs to all raid members. In order, to fully utilize the duration of these buffs, its advised to have warlock be ready for immediate summoning.
Mind Control BuffsShow (Will stack w/ (can't stack w/ (Will stack w/ (can't stack w/ +10% to all stats for 15 min. Possible once it expires to go outside to get re-buffed then enter the instance & summoned back to allies. An Alliance character will need to be Mind-Controlled and near Orgrimmar to receive the buff.

      BONUS: You can get from a dwarf priest and ... cklessness from horde warlocks.

Mind Control Buffs from MobsShow Comes from Twilight Emissary in BRD, he increases the magical damage dealt by an ally by 25 for 30 min. From Scarlet Medic in Plaguelands, increases Arcane resistance by 78 for 1 hr. (tooltip assumes a lvl1 character) Scarshield Spellbinder in BWL, he increases an ally's Fire resistance by 81 for 1 hr. (tooltip assumes a lvl1 character) Gordok Mage-Lord in DM, increases an ally's attack speed by 60% for ONLY 30 sec. A great buff for threat generation. Hamhock in Stockades, increases an ally's attack speed by 30% for ONLY 30 sec.

Special Event Buffs

On an ending note for buffs, we can also get buffs from special events/holidays. An example, is The Midsummer Fire Festival a seasonal event that celebrates the hottest season of the year. It starts on the (earthly) northern summer solstice, and lasts about two weeks (mid-late June to early July, usually). The next ones are Love is in the Air, Lunar Festival, Wickerman Festival and Scourge Invasion that all feature some useful buffs for tanking. It is possible for the Love is in the Air Capital Gift Collection buffs to be stacked with each other, ask around to find out its exact limits. The following buffs are separated by their event.

Special Event BuffsShow
Midsummer Fire Festival (June 21 - July 5): Increases Stamina by 30 for 1 hour. (stack with the stamina buff above) Increases damage done from spells by up to 23 for 1 hr. 30% chance to deal 60 Fire dmg on any melee, ranged, or spell attack. (works outside only) Improves your chance to hit by 2% for 1 hr. Increases critical strike percent and spell critical strike percent by 3% for 1 hr.

Love is in the Air (February 12 - February 16): Increases Stamina by 30 for 1 hour. Increases Stamina by 30 for 1 hour. Increases Intellect by 30 for 1 hour. Increases Intellect by 30 for 1 hour. Increases Agility by 30 for 1 hour. Increases Agility by 30 for 1 hour. Increases Defense by 13 for 1 hr. Increases damage done from spells by up to 23 for 1 hr. Increases Defense by 13 for 1 hr. Improves your chance to hit by 2% for 1 hr.

New Year's Eve (December 31st): +10% to all stats for 30min. (type /dance to a faction Reveler, ex:

Lunar Festival (Jan 24 - Feb 7): All stats increased by 10% for 1hr. ... ed-by-npcK: +250 Health for 30 minutes. (Lunar Festival quest)

Wickerman Festival (October 18th - November 1st) Increase health & mana regeneration by 25% and Stamina by 25%.

Scourge Invasion (During the opening of Naxxramas) Increases all damage caused by 10% for 30 minutes.(Gained by killing all four Shadows of Doom)

There can be a total of 16 debuffs applicable on a boss. Having as many debuffs on the boss as possible is of paramount importance to tanking. All debuffs on the list below benefit us in either Threat or Defensive aspects and assumed to be at their maximum rank or talent improvement. The following debuffs are classified into sub-groups to better highlight their usefulness and showcase different options.

DebuffsShow - 290 armor but bolsters melee attack power by 45. Only 1 warlock curse can be active on any 1 target. Reduces target's armor per combo point. (might not stack with Sunder Armor but reduces more than Sunder Armor) Reduces armor by 450. Can be applied up to 5 times. Lasts 30 sec. Reduces an enemy's armor by 200. Stacks up to 3 times. Reduces armor by 505 for 40 sec. While active, the target cannot stealth or go invisible. (Warlock): Shadow Bolt critical strikes increase Shadow damage dealt to the target by 20% until 4 non... Reduces Shadow & Arcane resistances by 75 & increasing Shadow and Arcane damage taken by 10%. (Priest): Shadow damage spells have a 100% chance to cause your target to be vulnerable to Shadow damage... After a 1.5sec cast, reduce an enemy's hit chance by 10% for 12 sec. (preferably casted by healers) (Druid): The enemy is swarmed by insects, reducing chance to hit by 2% & causing 324 Nature damage over 12 sec. Periodically deal 300 Nature dmg & jumping to 5 nearby enemies. Each jump... Increases the time between attacks by 10% for 30 sec. Will affect up to 4 targets. If an enemy strikes the imbiber, the attacker has a 30% chance of being inflicted with disease that increases... Spell damage taken by target increased by 15% for 5 sec. Mainly used to increase the damage of Dragonbreath Chili (niche scenario). (Arcanite Dragonling): Mainly used to increase the damage of Dragonbreath Chili (niche scenario). Effect is increased by ... zing-shout. Effect is increased by ... f-weakness.

Alliance Only: Decreases target's chance to hit by 25% for 10 sec. (a quest reward item that can only be activated once) ... so-ability: Gain threat from the healing, especially when coupled with ... -zin-malor an Alliance trinket.

On patch 1.12 a full BIS and buffed rogue tank will be the closest in stats to approach a feral bear tank, let take an in-depth look at the stats to see the differences. As a guideline, the Example Druid Tank below is BIS/buffed and able to clear most bosses without a problem. A rogue like other tanks tailors his gear in accordance with the boss he will be facing. Obviously, the Example Druid Tank can reach higher numbers and has a plethora of defensive spells, but the goal is to showcase the class with the closest similarity to a rogue in stats across the board that gets the job done in raids. We are incapable of reaching hgh amounts of armor, therefore, we must obtain a high amount of dodge.


Raid composition differs with each boss but its considered an acquired technique that develops over time and reflects the playstyle of a guild or raid. The following image is an example raid comp with a few minor exceptions that differ from the norm. This image is by no means the perfect raid comp since raid comps drastically fluctuate along side: content patch, gear, experience, etc... With the raid leader's permission offer your advice on an ideal comp that caters to your needs without overstepping. A decent raid will always make sure that every group has a Tranquil Air Totem enforced by restoration shamans.


Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed exploring one of my favorite classes in World of Warcraft. If you are left with some lingering questions after having read the guide, feel free to swing over to the link below and I would be more than happy to answer them.

Watch StreamShow

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