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EU Nethergarde Keep
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10 months ago (1.13.3)
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Did anyone here play on Aggramar EU from 2007 onwards?

I want to know if some old buddies of mine 'Sugarmuffins' still play or read the forum. (its Scaredlife)

Also, between 2013/14, there was this guy called 'Restrain', quite notorious (i believe he was from Hellscream but this was when the realms merged)

Think he left the server

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EU Skullflame
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10 months ago (1.13.3)
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there's the site https://www.vanillafriends.com/ where people can look up/enter their name themselves so they can connect with old friends from back then, maybe you can find some people you remember there.

i would recommend creating a new email adress though if you enter your character, would advice against using a real one cause its visible to anybody and some people could use that to fake blizzard emails

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