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The only PVP I've enjoyed has been organic stuff that spawned out of nowhere. The kind of PVP that can't be incentivized by rewards or mechanics or any gimmicks. A couple of times people on our side got so pissed off at the other faction that we grouped up and held blackrock mountain for a couple hours with about 3 full raid teams purely out of spite. And that was a lot of fun. Everybody was invested in holding that damn mountain for no good reason other than we hated the other faction and wanted them to suffer our wrath until they finally overcame our forces and we gave up for the night. There was no efficiency, no rewards, no reason to do it other than 'fuck those guys I'm sick of getting fucking camped and I hate them' :lol:

These kinds of experiences are born only out of the stupid honor system. Despite all its flaws, despite single handedly causing a lot of guys I used to play with to quit, despite rumors of servers going empty due to players transferring off in search of greener pastures, the honor system in all of its rawness certainly generated some unique experiences for us all.

I tried playing AV and WSG and it just made me angry. I tried random outdoor PVP and I still got angry. I just don't like PVP.

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