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8 months ago (1.13.3)
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I see these forums are as friendly as ever, courtesy of several members...

Let's break it down:
Hammer of Wrath has 6 s cooldown, not 30 s. You probably confused HoW with Holy Shock, which is the last Holy talent, that one has 30 seconds cooldown.
Hammer of Wrath is pretty bad. For 425 mana you deal avg. 530 damage (+SP), your holy talents do NOTHING for it, because it is considered a melee (ranged?) attack. And there's nothing execute-y about it, except for the fact that you can't use it until target is below 20%... If you want to know how bad it is, just look at Shaman's Earth Shock. Same cooldown, ~same mana cost and dmg. But ES is instant cast, no "below 20%" bullshit. And unlike Paladins, Shammies can improve it: 6s cooldown to 5s, 450 mana cost to 405, avg. damage to 557, and they get better SP coefficient.
Hammer of Wrath was probably intended for retribution paladins, given its scaling with melee crit and melee hit, but even retribution paladins shouldn't use it in pve, EVER, as it resets swing timer for them and results in a DPS loss.

Finally, you are correct that advanced healing is about anticipation. Moreover, any unspent mana at the end of a fight is wasted mana. Mana that could be used to heal or deal damage. So, if you're at the end of a fight and your mana is half full, by all means spend it on HoW. But consider this: Any dps specced class can do more damage in that timeframe than a healer throwing a weak hammer. If your raid's healers are generally left with half-full mana bars, it would be more beneficial for the raid to include another DPS specced player.

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8 months ago (1.13.3)
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Psojed wrote:
8 months ago
I see these forums are as friendly as ever, courtesy of several members...
Agree. Sad when a genuine question gets gruffly answered when it doesn't need to be.

Also my answer to most any of these questions is that as long as it won't outright negatively impact your groupmates and makes the game more fun for you, then go for it. If you think it causes problems, then stop. You'll figure out when to use it or when to not, if at all. You don't need people's opinions on here giving you the authoritative way to play the game @Iban

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8 months ago (1.13.3)
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To me, this is more an attitude discussion, than an actual class mechanical discussion.

For me, based on just my understanding of class mechanics and of holy paladins in general, then sure, you can hammer away if you want to.

If the conditions are for it, e.g. you consistently kill bosses with surplus mana, you have no tank deaths, you have limited/no critical MT HP moments, you have no combat deaths, you have 100% up-time on your seal/judgement duties and you find that you cannot push your activity rating higher than 70%, then I see no problem in dumping mana into a DPS - in a limited/controlled setting.

Where the issue for me comes into play, is when I include my overall attitude towards my raid function into this discussion; I am there to heal, and i am there (together with tanks) to make sure that when things fuck up, then we can handle it.

If I am aiming for full mana depletion by mana dumping into DPS, then I would be chipping away at my emergency resources that I need ready if things go south, I know this is a risk despite MC being trivial content, and despite my guild being above average; I would assume that this is a reality for most of us, and if you are in a top-tier guild that doesnt make these kinds of mistakes, then I would straight up assume that they, as @Psojed suggests, would dump a healer and bring extra DPS.

So definitely, you can spam hammers as much as your heart desires, as long as the conditions are in favour of it. If they aint, or if your raids suffer because of insufficient healing, mana or focus, then I would recommend skipping the hammers, and making sure that things goes smoother :lol:

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