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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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Hello guys,

I've never been playing Vanilla (started in BC), so with Wow Classic been released, I've read a lot of guides all over the internet and i reached a point i cannot decide what build should i roll at level 60. I am 56lv right now and im running classic levelling AOE build.

So in order to choose a build, ofc i have to explain you all what i want from my Classic experience. I would love to do all content -> i love doing PVE content, so this will be my primarily goal, but with Phase 2 coming soon i wish been able to do some world PVP as well (i am not hardcore PVP player).

So i guess i want a build, which is:
- primarily PVE focused (for raiding)
- will be able to AOE as i don't have even epic mount yet and i will need to farm currency
- decent (not best) in world PVP

I know i want everything in one and i know its not possible but with your help i would love to find compromised build which can do all content decently as respec is worth a lot of gold.

Also i would love an advices from experienced players :)

Cheers in advance,


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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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I didnt read your post nor do I play a mage, yet I am convinced "frostbolt" is the only logical answer.
Youre welcome.

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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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I'd roll with the aoe spec and use it to farm as much gold as you think you initially need, then swap to the optimized raiding spec. I think you will be just fine with any spec for casual pvp so I wouldn't even factor that in.

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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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Why do you need "A BUILD"? Why not just take builds that are appropriate for what you need at any given time...? Leveling, go frost. AoE farming, take a different variation of frost. Raiding? Go frost and ensure one of the other mages has winters chill OR go a bit further into arcane frost. PvP releases, take some additional utility points in frost. AQ comes out and your gear progression allows you to go fire? Give it a try. Spending the weekend AoE grinding a dungeon? Change your spec for it! Quit raiding and want to PvP exclusively? Try a whole bunch of different builds.

The great thing about mage is that there are a ton of viable builds and within those builds you can make slight variations depending on your own preferences. Why do you need 1 build... Youre leveling, just start with frost... Respec fees are not that costly - certainly not for a mage. You can afford to respec once a month and you wont even notice it. Just be open to respeccing at each point of your characters development. If you choose 1 spec for the entirety of vanilla you will be handicapping yourself.

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11 months ago
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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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Go frost and u basically cant go wrong. Tons of utility for pve/pvp up until AQ,NAXX.

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EU Shazzrah
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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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I am not level 60 yet, but there are tons of AOE grinding builds (including the one I am making atm if u check my armory). If you want epic mount sort of fast I would start by making a full aoe grinding build in frost, then spam ZF and sell the mats. I even think the most common AoE frost builds work pretty well for raiding aswell, just maybe put a bit 5 points into frostbolt instead?

Good luck fellow mage : -)

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