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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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I've been rolling and rerolling toons since the release, and I haven't settled for any race and class combo until now. It's been a month and a half now since the game was released. That means I will have fallen behind by a lot, now that I've decided to play seriously.

Since I want a minimal amount of catching up to do, I'm wondering which EU server has the least amount of progression at the moment in terms of level 60 characters, raid progression and so on and so forth. Do you guys have any idea as to which server this might be? The way I'm seeing it, it's either Earthshaker, Dragonfang or Judgement. These are the newest servers with, unsurprisingly, the lowest populations. If I'm correct, then which one is the clear winner in terms of being the most behind?

By the way, I don't mind being on a server with a low population, since this will probably aid me considerably in avoiding ganks while levelling. Not to mention the possibility of a future merge with another server.

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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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It would be whatever the lowest pop/newest server is. Though im sure there are free character transfers to that realm so you will have geared players in the mix. Honestly... You cant fall behind. Content is gated behind phases. We are starring down the barrel of MC/Ony for the foreseeable future. Most realms down this within 2 weeks. Most are pugging within 4 weeks. And then it is on farm. The current content is trivial so regardless of where you go, people will be farming it. When BWL releases, it will be killed by most guilds in 1-2 weeks. And again, it will be farmed but guilds wont be able to progress past the phase they are in. You cant really fall behind in Classic.

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