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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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Hey guys,

As an Alliance warrior, are there any quests other than the Whirlwind weapon quest and maybe that I should be aware of that you can actually accept and complete (with the help of a high level friend) at a much lower level than the quest is intended for?

Specifically, I'm talking about quests that give gear that is significantly stronger than what you could otherwise attain at your current level (Whirlwind weapon and the plate chest with +24str/+2stamina are both extremely overpowered if you attain them at 30 and 40 respectively). :)

Might be interesting if there are any quests like this for other classes as well (although I'm primarily interested in warrior items).

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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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There are a couple of power spike items off quests. I suggest using wowheads leveling guide as a start, it lists all quest with extraordinary rewards.

Honorable mention for me is Darkshore and Ashenvale as Ally you can get a couple of perfectly usable greens which won't get replaced for the next 10 levels.

Here is the horde guide I am referring too ... lassic-wow.

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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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Look up Kargoz's Class Guide series. Here's the Warrior guide: ... 442_810_22

Slides 26 through 30 cover Alliance weapon progression.

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