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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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Too be honest I didn't think this would be possible not that guilds/people can't play every waking moment to get it done but server stability would stop it or slow it down enough to be a two week kill.

I mean I couldn't even log in the first day because of 7 hour queues...and I hear people getting kicked/disconnected and then cant join for 5 hours...
Not sure what server they are on, didn't look it up...
I thought it would be hard to get 40 people with the queues and issues to slow them down enough but I guess not lol

Grats to them

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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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Roadblock wrote:
1 year ago
Now all the posturing about private servers being "harder" and this somehow being the reason the private server team - having beaten the harder version - stomped over Method is utter bullshit.
It's true that it probably dont make any difference. Vanilla is about preparation and knowledge first and foremost. But that being said, the private servers are grossly overtuned compared to Classic.

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