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1 year ago (Beta)
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For those of you that had access to the closed beta previously, you now have access to another closed beta!
This realm's max level is 45, and it allows everyone to create either a default character from level 1, or create a character from a level 40 template.

https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t ... ned/252446

 Blizzard Entertainment
The level cap has been increased to 45. Characters in this range will find level-appropriate quests to explore in zones such as Stranglethorn Vale, Swamp of Sorrows, Dustwallow Marsh, and Desolace.
This closed beta will run from August 13th, until August 16th.
 Blizzard Entertainment
This final closed beta test will end on Friday, August 16.
Have fun to those who have access!

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1 year ago (Beta)
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1 year ago (Beta)
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1 year ago (Beta)
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If only I bought a sub sooner maybe I'd have been in the first closed beta.

I'm fine with waiting the two weeks.

At least I'll keep telling myself that.......

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1 year ago (Beta)
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I already checked last night hoping I'd get in so I could have a little more time to play with addons. No luck. They said it was only for people who were already in anyway.

12 more days.

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