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1 year ago (Beta)
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Hey everyone, I really want to commit to warrior and be able to pvp outside of raids but the respec costs are really making me question my decision. I've read that there's a hybrid spec that would look something like and would still give me all the pvp necessities while giving me some tank utility to off tank raids. Is something like this viable to off-tank in raids? Or will I be limited to dungeons?

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I cant speak for the private server community, but if you showed up in PvP specc in vanilla for current raid content people would not be happy, i was offtank sometimes full fury dps for MC-BWL that desperately wanted to PvP but i couldnt keep raiding in a PvP specc. Might just have been the times or my guild tho.

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1 year ago (Beta)
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^ even if its "do-able" it all comes down to what kind of guild you're in and what your raid leader wants. You could always dps or just prot pvp (which is hilarious btw)

The build itself looks ok, depending on the boss and healers you might need a few points in anticipation.

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1 year ago (Beta)
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Mortal strike uses a debuff slot so you wont be using it in raids. A typical 2 handed PvE fury build would look something like this...

You're going to need a great weapon like bonereavers and being horde with windfury will help. You could go full blown PvP spec and justify it by wielding a nightfall. No one will be jumping for joy if a warrior is using a PvP spec, rolling for gear that will help him in PvP, while all the other warriors sacrifice for progression. If you're going to find a spot you'll either need to know someone or bring something to the table as leverage. Nightfall is good leverage if the guild doesnt have one.

Fury offers better TPS (threat per second) than arms if you do need to offtank. Typically a well rounded 2 hand fury warrior with nightfall and a well put together tank set can find his spot in a guild without causing too many waves. The other warriors will always hate you though.

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To use the newest terminology: its viable, but its not exactly optimal. You want to join a guild that isnt as serious - and you definitely want to compensate your suboptimal spec in other areas. If you rarely make mistakes, always show up on time and prepared, act reliably, etc. your guild will be way more willing to let you raid in a pvp spec.

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