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1 year ago (Beta)
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Raven wrote:
1 year ago
Eased wrote:
1 year ago
Raven wrote:
1 year ago
And now you're telling someone else how they should play.
Way to read into something that's not there. There is a difference between forcing other people to not use certain addons and choosing not to use them.

Who would be the WoW Addon Police, you? Blizzard would not go down the road of having to pre-approve and moderate addons. If people want to use addons, let them. If people don't want to use addons, let them. Who cares. But don't decide for them.
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Too bad Eased hasn't been on since he replied to your original comment. :lol:

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Zygor guides, holy shit that brings me back to literally 1939 before the war.

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