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8 months ago (Beta)
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Hiya, I am just looking for some insight in regard to classic and what to do for a guild.

I currently play on k3 in an EU based guild. I have become pretty good friends with most members, and I'd love to continue playing with them, but the hours we would raid on an EU server would (probably) often clash with real-life responsibilities. Also, the ping would get pretty annoying. So that leaves me thinking I will focus on my char on an NA server, but still make one and level slowly to keep playing with my pals on EU, but that plan is not without issues.

My main goal in classic is to progress through naxx. I don't care about gear, I don't care about logs, I just want to clear content. I'm worried that I won't be able to find a (semi)hardcore guild that has space for another member to be a core raider. I have checked the guild list here, and a few seem appealing, but, again, I'm just worried they won't have space for me as a main spot.

So, what do you think? Would you play on a EU if you're NA/vice versa to keep playing with the same group of people? How hard do you think it will be to come across serious guilds in classic?

Also, if anyone is wondering, I play a warlock and have experience through all content in vanilla, and my faction is currently undecided.

Apologies if a similar thread already exists.

Thanks for your time.

Burning Steppes
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8 months ago (Beta)
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I don’t think you should worry too much about finding a guild. 40 man raids mean guilds will likely cycle through more members than in retail, especially early on when a lot of people might decide classic raiding isn’t for them. So getting a try in a raiding guild will likely be pretty straightforward I’d imagine.
Personally I wouldn’t put a strain on my real life responsibilities to try and accommodate a raiding schedule that really just doesn’t align with my life.
I’ve done it before and it only leads to burn out eventually, either in game or in RL.
As for leaving your friends behind.. well that’s a pity, but you will make new ones, which is awesome!

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