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What Blood Elf characters existed in Classic?

I only know about Braelyn Firehand in Stonetalon Mountains.

Advisor Duskingdawn wasn't added to Hillsbrad Foothills until Burning crusade, and the Dark Rangers weren't added to Undercity until Wrath

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I think there's one in front of inn in Ratchet. I believe there's also one more somewhere in EPL (some lodge up north).

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I think there is also one in Winterspring but not 100% sure about that.

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That one guy that ports you to MC after you have the attunement.

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April wrote:
1 year ago
That one guy that ports you to MC after you have the attunement.
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There's also one at the top of the tower in the Nethergarde keep in the Blasted Lands.

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