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I think there's a bit of concern with doing it in JS because anyone would be able to see his private API keys making the requests.

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Tillman32 wrote:
1 year ago
I'm the author of the "actual good doc" in AngularJS...


Good news is every linux box comes with bash and python - both could be used in a simple way to achieve what you want. Using a simple bash script, you could use that very curl request (with your client id and secret "hidden" from the web on your server) and save the json result to a file (let's say token.json).

From there you have a few options:

Option 1: Extend the bash/python script to parse the token.json for your token, and make the second request for the realm data. Once again you'd save that output on the server as your "cached" version (realm.json). You'd create a simple cron job to do this every 15 minutes. If you saved this realm.json file in a publically accessible place (aka wwwroot/data/realm.json), you could retrieve it from jQuery just like you wanted via a local url ( for example). You could still make this request on page load, but it would be loading the local file so no worries about your rate limit. Done.

Option 2: Parse the token.json from phpBB/php, use the token to make the second request for realm data, build the page... done (lots of "hidden steps" here)

Make sense?
Hey @Tillman32, it's a small world huh? :smile:

That totally makes sense but is impractical for me as I travel a lot and can't just leave a linux box running bash/curl/py scripts with cron jobs as you describe - I spend a month at sea and then return for a month, all year round so the realm stats wouldn't work for half the year. That certainly is a very simple and elegant solution however and if I were a 9-5er that would work out well I think.
Defuzed wrote:
1 year ago
EDIT: Just read the full post (which I probably should have started with) and can see your question was abit more complicated, I can help when I get home on my PC.
Yeah pretty much what hen said:
Henhouse wrote:
1 year ago
I think there's a bit of concern with doing it in JS because anyone would be able to see his private API keys making the requests.
I think the PHP route or whatever Henhouse thinks is the most extendable/attractive option would be best. Now that JS out of the question due to security stuff I suppose my 'next-best' language is PHP. I say next best but more like 'least worst' :lol:

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By the of, I say ! What is this gibberish small talk all about ?!? I thought Gorloc Gibberers existed only in Northrend ?!?

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@teebling I assumed you'd be running it off the same host that runs your phpBB form 24/7. Or at least, I assume that doesn't go down when you're out at sea, right?

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Ey there @teebling,
@Anders & @Tillman32 are the way to go! Just write a wrapper for the authentication call and hide your secret

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