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Morph wrote:
1 year ago
I'm fond of deserts, sandy beaches, and jungles. Tanaris, Shimmering Flats, STV, Un'Goro. They feel exotic and a bit mysterious, as if I'm on vacation in a foreign place.
Boiiii, I love Tanaris, Shimmering Flats and Un'Goro too! I can't decide between them for my favourite!

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Tanaris, really good zone for aoe farming

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Arathi Highlands
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Mulgore for sure but I also remember un goro crater with the magnificent caves and loads of difficult quests and dangerous elites that scares you to death which made me think woah I m not a noob anymore! ( I still was though) xD

Burning Steppes
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While not a zone per se, Blackrock Depths is my favorite city/zone/dungeon. I is just so expansive, well designed, and full of things to do. I always said back in vanilla "If I could set my hearth to the Grim Guzzler I would."

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Night Elf
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Teldrassil and Stranglethorn Vale. My very first character was a NE rogue and I'll never forget running through tha landscape being 10 or 11 years old. I was absolutely blown away by the colors and the atmosphere.

STV is also tied to some sort of nostalgia. While Teldrassil is one of the first zones I remember, most of my best WoW-related memories come from STV. Opening my first chest in the Arena. Taming King Bangalash. PvP. That zone will always be tied to some extremely epic experiences in my mind.

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