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Nymis wrote:
1 year ago
Even wall jumping is going to have extreme consequences in AV if the jump skip is no longer going to be available for the Horde. Many have opposed it and many still do.
AFAIK there's a difference between wall jumping and pixel jumping (or what it's called) and that's why the Horde back door jump will still be there in Classic, but wall jumping will not.

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Stuff like the MCP is one of the main reasons I like vanilla; There is no streamlined, hard-coded meta but rather one that the community developed over many years. The MCP allows the previously frowned upon druid to be a rather competetive tank. Not that I wouldn't want balanced classes like in BC, but Classic is just the way it is and gameplay changes would not fit the Classic philosophy.

Shaman Enhancement
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Pluuf wrote:
1 year ago
As long as it doesn't force other people out of the meta it is balanced and therefore can exist. Quirky items (Skull of Impending doom, MCP and others) are part of what makes this game so rich and feel alive. The MCP doesn't do much else than elevate druids into competitive ranges in relation to the already existing forces (I'm not convinced that it surpasses them, does anybody know something I don't?) therefore it can remain unchecked imo.
Yeah this was my point earlier. Even with these two gimmick items, cat druids still can't keep up. They're still kinda bad.

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Shaman Restoration
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The second we start to substitute our modern judgement to solve problems from 12 years ago we are deviating from our goal of a historical recreation of the game as it was, and making something different, and that is something we want to avoid .
― Ion Hazzikostas, Blizzcon 2018

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