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EU Hydraxian Waterlords
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Anyone else feel like the recent amount and frequency of blues have made them a rabid, foaming at the mouth, blue-post junkie?

   Selexin centurion
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It would be cruel of them to leave us hanging after back to back updates.

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US Blaumeux
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I cant hear you over mainlining Vanilla flavorings

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Yes, but I'm not returning to BFA, even for free...

Druid Restoration
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OC Yojamba
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Solveig wrote:
1 year ago
Yes, but I'm not returning to BFA, even for free...
Certainly no one was suggesting that!! Oi Sol, what server type you going at launch? Presumably Alliance though I guess... yuck!

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They're so frequent I'm occasionally just checking to see if anything has been posted. I'm considering writing a script that is constantly checking the forum for a new blue post under Classic Discussion that either emails me or sends me an SMS so I can be the first to know. :lol:

Selexin wrote:
1 year ago
Alliance though I guess... yuck!

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Human Priest
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It's made me an addict. I've relapsed and gone back to bfa. Except this time I'm just leveling alts and not playing end game because it's the only part I currently find enjoyable.

Priest Holy
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I have been hounding MMO Champion daily, and blizzard forums. I am obviously addicted.
Also been back at it on Live, doing my usual shenanigans. AH Flipping and battle pets. Almost at 12 million gold :)
Can I trade in 1 million gold for 1000g in classic please? lol

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Level 0 MC 0/10 BWL 0/8 ZG 0/10 AQ 0/6 0/9 Naxx 0/15
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