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1 month ago (Beta)
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Bookmarked! This is a very valuable resource. Thank you Teebling for curating such a list :)

ClassicRaids, a website centered around endgame content, WoW Classic Guild Recruitment, Character Search & Lookup, and Gold Making Profession Guides. We even have a Screenshot of the Day section!
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Thank you for updating the links, it's so vital job to do! But about that, I for one can't figure whether the guides on this mmo site are updated or not. I love the layout, simplicity there, but not sure about their up-to-dateness. Anyone can have a look? I'm sure they could be of some use for when Vanilla is back! :)

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4 weeks ago (Beta)
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This is amazing Teebling. Thanks for all your hard work, mate!


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2 weeks ago (1.13.2)
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Updated 29th August with following new links:

SixtyUpgrades - Item upgrade finding tool
Bobo talents - level by level talent progression tool
Fishing/Cooking/Alchemy infographic for healer money making
How to make best use of Bank Alts
Stockguy's info dump for Horde rogues
All Classic factions having reputation infographic
Checklist infographic for quest chapter collection
Very simple Cooking 1-300 using mostly Fishing
Learning the value of Gold
Infographic on how not to get dazed by mobs
Draakex's Hunter Levelling Sheet
Dungeon and Raid Loot Tool
Tips on DPS in dungeons
List of melee weapons for levelling
Azeroth Maps - interactive data maps for Classic
Raid scheduling and linking bot for Discords
List of Classic Rogue macros
Improving Classic performance on Linux
Fixing Win10 Classic graphics bugs with AA
Tigerlily's top 10 tips
SICK infographic for key/attunements by SivHD
So you want to craft Sulfuras? [Infographic]
So you want to craft Thunderfury? [Infographic]
Zaxlor's Arms Warrior levelling cheat sheet
Dungeon maps for tanks by @ReverendChris
Orgrimmar points of interest map
Hunter levelling (fishing + cooking incl.) cheat sheet by KrispyKareem
Advanced AH gold making tips by Goblin Sachs
Maximising rep gains whilst levelling
[Nost]PvP Arms considerations by Arcuado
The Guilds of Barrens Chat
ClassicRaids Guild Finding Tool
Warrior basics by Bludge
Item PNGs for loot, by Athena
Paladin progressive item upgrades sheet, by @xCellers
Vault of the Silverhands gear primer for Holy Paladins, by @xCellers
Mk. Ultra Guild Management & Administration sheet by @xCellers
Image Mk. Ultra Guild Management & Administration sheet by xCellers
Image Electrify Your Victims! - Elemental Shaman PvP
Image Smite priest - Holy DPS
Image Bloodsail Buccaneers Reputation
Image Hidden & Special Vendors of Azeroth
Image Guide to Fire Resistance
Image Mambo's mini-guide to amazing screenshots

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2 weeks ago (1.13.2)
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Excellent excellent stuff, bravo!!

Shaman Enhancement
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2 weeks ago (1.13.2)
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Healing undead as a paladin deals damage. I just learned this yesterday. I guess it's the same for priests.

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