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The big list of WoW Classic resources
Last updated 21st March 2019
This is a comprehensive listing of non-video format resources for WoW Classic players. It includes guides, opinion, tools, spreadsheets, data and other information pages that you may find useful when the game launches. Hopefully this page provides a portal to other community sites outside of Barrens Chat and helps everyone find what they're looking for :smile:

If you would like to add your resource to the list private message me or leave a reply below and I will do so at the soonest opportunity.

Nota bene I have done my best to curate this list of resources by selecting those of high accuracy and reputation. Many guides are however based on anecdotal evidence and private server emulations of Classic meaning that their viability in patch 1.13 could be affected.
Image  Data & Tools

Wowhead Classic
Image Tier Sets Gallery
Image Race & Class Comparison
Image Base Stats Calculator
Image  Forum Discussion

XPoff Twinks
Original forum mirror
Image Barrens Chat
Image  News & Blue Trackers

Dev Watercooler by Blizzard
John Staats AMA
MMOchamp Classic Blue Tracker
Official forums Blue Tracker
Image WoW Classic FAQ: What we know so far
Image  Guild & Friend Finders

Vanilla Friends
[Discord] Classic WoW Guilds
Vanilla Gaming guilds
Image  Basics

Getting started
Picking your class
Saving for a mount
Basic stats
[Archived] Official WoW Game Guide
WoW Master Guide (Brady Games PDF)
Image Glossary of common terms
Image  Levelling General

Joana's Guide
Vanilla Questing (in-browser helper)
Vanilla Cheat Sheet
Mob grinding XP chart
Mob levels by zone
Experience formula for all levels
Healing spells efficiency by level
Wands by level
Guide to rested experience
Image  Warrior specific

Triface's guide to vanilla tanking
Kargoz' levelling guide
Fire resistance gear
DPS warrior spreadsheet
Hiddeh's Fury Warrior guide
Fury gear + DPS spreadhseets
[Nost] 1.12 Warrior macros
[Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Warriors
[Discord] Fight Club (Warrior Classic)
Image  Rogue Specific

Shadow Panther
[Nost] Oto's Rogue guide
Kargoz' levelling guide
Lockpicking 1-300
1.12 BiS gear list
Which Rogue skills are worth buying when levelling
[Discord] Rogue Classic
[Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Rogues
Image Level 19 Twink Guide + BiS
Image  Hunter Specific

The Arrow and You
Kargoz' levelling guide
Vanilla Gaming 'How to Hunter'
Hunter macros
[Archived] Hunter damage cycles breakdown
WatchYourSixx' 1.12 Spreadsheet
Horde and Alliance BiS
Yet another hunter timer
Petopia Classic
Get a fucking owl
[Archived] TKA on Pet Attack Speeds
Rhok'delar quest chain
Ultimate leaf guide for Rhok
[Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Hunters
[Discord] Hunter Classic
Image  Shaman Specific

[Light's Hope] Egregious' Resto Shaman Guide
[Archived] Bloodskull School of Enhancement
Elemental PvP guide
Kargoz' levelling guide
[Elysium] King's Levelling Guide
[Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Shaman
[Discord] Shaman Classic
Image Devner's guide to the Shaman Tank
Image  Paladin Specific

Kargoz' levelling guide
[Elysium] Theloras' Retribution guide
[Elysium] Prot tanking by Ratziel
[Nost] Prot tank BiS
Holy Paladin PvE
Paladin blessings breakdown
[Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Paladins
[Discord] Paladin Classic
Image  Warlock Specific

TopDPS's Raiding Guide
Kargoz' levelling guide
Zephan's gearsheet
Warlock pet macros
Dreadsteed of Xoroth guide
Obtaining your Doomguard
Upgrading to T0.5
Warlock Tanking Guide
[Discord] Warlock Classic
[Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Warlocks
Image J Norton's Orc Warlock
Image  Priest Specific

[Elysium] What the light will tell you
Tig's Holy BiS spreadsheet
Big's Disc PvP Guide
Covello's 2006 Priest levelling guide (wanding)
[Nost/Elysium] Fisher's Priest levelling guide
Kargoz' levelling guide
Getting lesser magic wand quickly
Shadow focus for PvP study
Shadow priest tips and tricks
Shadow priest gear + DPS calculator
[Discord] Priest Classic
Image Seebus' Guide to Holiness
Image  Druid Specific

Taladril's bear tanking guide
Taladril's List of Druid Gear
[Elysium] A Grizzly Situation (bear tanking)
Kargoz' levelling guide
Druid macros
Shedo's Feral Spreadsheet
[Nost] Boomkin 1.11 guide
[Nost] Resto Drood 1.8 guide
Alamo teechs u 2 play DURID
[Discord] Druid Classic
Image  Mage Specific

Infraos' 1.13 Mage Guide
[Kronos] The PvE Mage for dummies
[Nost] Dalaran Tome of Knowledge
Kargoz' levelling guide
Frost Damage Calculator
[Discord] Mage Classic
[Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Mages
Image Jpy's early gold farming and AOE guide
Image  PvE General

Progressive itemisation for each patch. Now searchable!
BiS spreadsheet each class + stage
Tier sets gallery each race and gender
WoW Dungeon Companion (Brady Games PDF)
Vanilla guide to world buffs
Dungeon quests spreadsheet
Taladril's Consumables List
[Kronos] Attunements
Dungeon and Raid Keys guide
Flooent's reference sheet
Image Wintersaber Trainers Exalted reputation
Image  PvP General

PvP ranking/honor systems overview
Tears for Angwe
[Discord] Classic WoW PvP
Image Avoiding Ganks whilst Levelling
Image Nymis' Manual of War - World PvP guide
Image  Professions

Professions overview wowhead
Legacy WoW 1-300 powerlevel guides
Skinning to vendor for gold
Cloth farming guide
[Podcast] Countdown to Classic on making gold part 1 and part 2
Image Blacksmithing mastery
Image  Roleplaying & Lore

All 60 in-game lore books in a PDF (v2)
Choosing an appropriate name
WoW RP name generator
The World's End Tavern guide to RP
Engadget guide to RP
Know your lore (Classic)
Alliance races
Horde races
Image  Art & Technical resources

Scrolls of lore art galleries
Blizzard developers portal
Original fan site kit
Win10 Classic Theme
Animated wallpapers by Minorou
Image Ultrawide wallpapers of each zone and city
Image Ultrawide wallpapers of each raid and dungeon
Image All Classic icons in .PNG
Image Transparent-background renders
Image All world map tiles explored and unexplored
Image Syturio's Style Pack
Image Signature userbars
Image  Other Discords

Classic WoW
Classic WoW EU
Classic WoW Theorycrafting
Classic WoW Live
Countdown to Classic
Image  Miscellaneous

High resolution detailed and labelled map of Azeroth
WoW Vanilla-era music playlist
Breakdown of each patch contents
Wall jumping album on imgur
Countdown to Classic Podcast
Total Biscuit's Blue Plz Radio Image R.I.P.
Bugs/feedback from demo megathread
WoW is Classic
[Archived] Original WoW Community website
[Archived] Goblin Worskhop

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Amazing work @teebling and all the collaborators!

"Ya got my attention."

Warlock Destruction
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Love that you've included Saint Angwe in the guides as well, hahaha! Well done!

Onwards, sons of perdition!
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And this goes straight to favorites... thanks @teebling !

Ish-ne-alo por-ah (May the days ahead be guided by the elders of long ago)
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Bookmarked! Thanks :smile:

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This is great! Thanks Teeb.

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Nymis wrote:
2 weeks ago
Love that you've included Saint Angwe in the guides as well, hahaha! Well done!
[Local Defense] Menethil Harbour is under attack!

Bless you Angwe

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
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Lovely ! I am getting more and more hyped each week .... :)))

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This is an amazing list. Thanks @teebling!

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Fantastic! This really helps with the pre-planning and prep. The mage section helps jog my fading memory. Thank you!

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Very helpful, thank you @teebling!

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