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A simple, browser-based stats calculator for WoW Classic

by teebling • 10th December 2018

This is a simple calculator that shows you what bonuses you receive for each base stat dependent on what class you choose.

  • Select a class
  • Enter values into the fields for Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intellect and Spirit.
  • As you type it updates the results which show you resulting bonuses like +% Dodge, +Armour, +Mana, Class-specific statistics like Ranged AP for Hunters and melee AP in Cat form for Druids etc.

Hopefully people find this useful for comparing item benefits and racial starting stats, or for learning how base stats affect different classes in Classic. Did you know that Shamans can build Block with Strength items? :lol:

In the future I hope to implement a feature where you can paste in a link to an item, and using AJAX, it will pre-populate the base stat fields with the data from that item so you don't have to type anything in. Will also add a 'Copy to clipboard' link.

I built the calculator using vanilla JavaScript + jQuery. There are sure to be bugs in this first version so please if you have any comments leave them below.

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Great addition to the site and looks like it will be v useful when the game comes out!

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Saw this doing well on reddit before I saw it here! As per comments there I think the Spirit section needs a rework as the the numbers don't seem quite right (why have paladins got such strong health regen?).

Otherwise you've done a fine job with this and it looks very clean and minimal. Well done!

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This is cool AF but with that wowhead feature
it will be veeeery convenient. Can see a lot of people using the calculator in the future. Gj man

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Beautiful! I absolutely love your work.