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EU Ghostlands
3 days ago
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Back in vanilla was multiboxing a thing? Like, did many people do it? What kind of software were people using and what stance did Blizzard have on this contentious topic?

I was thinking about who the first person to 60 on all classes in Classic would be and this popped into my mind for surely it will be a multiboxer who achieves this first.

Probably the first to 60 on many servers will likewise be this due to the speed at which xp rich group content can be completed and begun with one player controlling.

I’m personally okay with people doing it in PvE and solo play but really against it for battlegrounds. The perfect team coordination and focus fire is just too OP and ruins a good game for me!

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EU Ragnaros
3 days ago
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I would be VERY surprised if people managed to do it back then. Everyone had crappy frame rates with just one WoW.exe, let a lone 4 or 5. I tried to multi-box a few months ago, there are some softwares out there, but they are not free. There is one that kinda works and it's free, called "AutoHotkey", but you have to script everything by your self, it's not beginner friendly.

Blizzard allows multi-boxing, but most private servers don't.
Personally iam against it.

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1 day ago
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I know a few players who plan to do that in the scenario they don't find a leveling partner. One individual specifically, plans to utilize 5 different characters at once until 60. The main thing I've heard is picking classes that would need limited inputs, that is, limited keys needed to be pressed in order to be efficiently used.

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