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This is a site for talking about WoW: Classic and... well that's pretty much it.
One forum category
It's all that is needed - no endless sections, sub-sections, categories, rules and requirements... just talk.

Useful stuff for Classic fans
Guides for playing the game to your best, and resources for creating things to do with the game.

No, we don't have an active Discord server, FB page, Twitter feed or Twitch stream
People don't need more social media over-information in their lives. If you're excited for WoW: Classic just post.

Warcraft themed design
I tried to give the site an old-school feel consistent with WoW design conventions back in the day, hope you like it.

Build a profile
Pick a faction, level up, add your characters and customise your page with details. It's all there to help you enjoy using the site more.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I level up?
By posting. Just like in WoW the higher level you get the harder it is to progress:

Image 20 posts required
Image 70 posts required
Image 140 posts required
Image 250 posts required
Image 375 posts required
Image 525 posts required

How do I submit a Guide?
Just private message me and I'll advise you on how to submit your work.

Should I credit you if I use Tech resources?
Yes please - just put a link to https://barrens.chat on your website and that'll do.

Can I use your forum skin?
No - the skin won't work on any standard phpBB installation, it's a heavily modified client.

I really hope you enjoy the site for what it is. Any questions at all just PM me or leave a comment here.
Your boy, teebling

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