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Complete World of Warcraft Vanilla/Classic Icon Pack

by teebling • 28th December 2018

Image Download (.zip, 15.3 MB)
This is the complete pack of 2000+ game icons used in Vanilla & Classic World of Warcraft. They are served in .PNG format for your use as forum avatars, in-game mod icons, web design etc.

  • 60x60 in dimensions. All images have been compressed (removal of meta data) for web usage.
  • They are slightly enlarged from the originals, enhanced, and I have removed the grey 'frame' border found on the native files.
  • Categorised into Abilities, Armour, Miscellaneous, Places, Characters and Creatures, Spells, Trade, Weapons.
  • The original artwork is by Blizzard Entertainment, from the game World of Warcraft, which I do not claim rights to.
  • I made them by batch processing the original .DDS files - check out my guide on how to do this.

For Legion client icons visit this topic.

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