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1 week ago (1.13.4)
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I occasionally play retail, mostly at the beginning and end of an expansion just to play through some of the stories.

With Legion and BfA everything was/is confusing as hell coming back to it, but I have to admit that Shadowlands looks like it might be a bit more fun.
I'm going to give it a go with a new character and see what I think, especially since it's included in the sub already that I have for Classic.

The biggest thing I'm worried about is the covenant system and all random shit systems they throw in you have to learn.

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1 week ago (1.13.4)
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I feel like I’ve been a lot more tolerant of the developments in retail than most classic players (I kept playing retail all the way through legion) but BFA was the final straw for me. The changes to WPVP, the complete incoherence/ relevance of the storyline, the fact that I geared my fresh max level rogue in full epics in under three hours.

Everything they’ve done since the release of BFA has disgusted me more. I hate all the allied races, there’s just.... nothing left for me there lol.

For me retail ended with with legion, that was the end of the original storyline anyway.

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US Atiesh
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1 week ago (1.13.4)
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I just can't get into retail. It doesn't have the classic mmo feel and there's too many avenues for people to be outright toxic with no repercussions. Unfortunately the issues are at the very core and with the modern outlook for it that won't change. It's a shame really because I know the content itself is really polished. Sucks growing up.

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US Fairbanks
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4 days ago (1.13.4)
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Nope, I haven't been able to get into retail for years. Every time I try to log in and play it again, I end up lost in some city that I don't recognize full of talents I don't recognize, with a map full of locations I don't recognize. Feeling lost, I end up doing a solo MC to try to get a binding, then I log out and don't touch it for another year or two. People who play in my guild in Classic are playing on Retail, so I even have a retail guild to go to full of people I recognize if I wanted to. But even when I try to force myself, I just can't get into it. It's not for me.

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