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I never raided in Vanilla, I just did some retro-raiding alone or in duo when my level was waaaaaay above the required one and I have a question for all the raiders here: which Raid in Vanilla is the most durable? I don't mean the most difficult or the one that you take the most to clear... I mean which is the one you can do many times without getting bored.

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BWL never lost its epic shine in my opinion.

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Forsakenone wrote:
1 year ago
BWL never lost its epic shine in my opinion.
Have to agree here. From the first step I took into it, until and even after having Nef on farm, I never felt bad about going into it. It is in my opinion one of the best raids ever done.

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Mmmhhmm. You will need to experience them all for yourself before you know that. I've done Molten Core and BWL niw a few times and I'm still excited to go back.

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I can clear BWL on retail now and am still excited to go back. It would have to be one of my favorite ever raids

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