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Poll  •  Best class for world pvp if not raiding nor honor grinding? (Can pick multiple if ties)
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EU Gandling
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11 months ago (1.13.3)
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For a casual player interested in wpvp there is no safer bet than warlock.

Mages and rogues? Strong but heavily reliant on skills with cooldown to stay alive. Knowing the order of skills will make or break the fight.

A warlock will fear, dot and run. If the first fear, for any reason, breaks you then cast Death Coil, the strongest spell in the game, fear again and, for good measure, cast a shadow bolt. Congratulations, your target is now dead.

Swamp of Sorrows
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11 months ago (1.13.3)
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Perdition wrote:
11 months ago
What did you end up deciding on? I say always give Hunters & Locks a shot. Locks dominate in BGs solo, and you may enjoy them alot given that you already like caster classes. Hunters are amazing fun in a BG. Extremely hig utility, best of many worlds without feeling clunky. You can certainly go toe to toe with several enemies or even be great support from a distance. They are extremely versitile, being able to hit hard with Ranged (Good luck melee!) or get up in the face of a caster while pet puts the damage on further. You can CC & AoE with the best of em. Once I mastered one in PvP it was an addicting adrenaline rush. And I disagree with anyone who says it's "easy". It's not easy to master. Low entry, difficult to master kind of thing. I honestly saw more Hunters get steamrolled more than they succeeded, but when skilled PvPers met a skilled Hunter, they honestly typically didn't know what to do. Good times!
I went with my heart; undead shadow priest. I am 58 now; absolutely love it.

Today I am again contemplating class choice as I prepare to roll an alliance character. Heavily considering druid right now; the convo above helped :-)

I want to say a big thanks to everyone who commented here and voted above. This thread has been a great resource not just for me, but for hundreds who stumbled upon this thread since it was posted 4 months ago. Viva la open world pvp!

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