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1 month ago (1.13.2)
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Hello guys,

I know this site is mainly for classic WoW (barrens chat after all) but because I really hope we are getting official TBC servers some day, here is my question:

Any of you have any good ressources on TBC and the current pserver meta for leveling, class ranking or arena?

Websites with guides / overviews, youtube channels, discord servers - anything like that.

Because as I noticed the pserver scene for classic and got a bit into it, I saw that alot of believes and "facts" changed alot and it was really exciting to relearn the game in the new ways.

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EU Flamelash
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1 month ago (1.13.2)
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@FTHforever Sadly, the answer is not really.

Unfortunately, data/info just like in Classic is secluded and segregated by a plethora of Discord servers with many of them horribly managed and unorganised. Unfortunately, there is no singular convenient place to learn about stuff similar to Elitist Jerks back in the day.

In my 2 years of trying to find TBC info & theorycrafting, I've gathered only 4 Discord servers and they're not even class specific/topic specific. They're extremely broad and nearly deserted with people just wanting to clear content ASAP and not dive into anything else about the game. And mind you, this is happening right now with Classic released and all.

I'd suggest maybe which does have guides.

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EU Razorgore
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1 month ago (1.13.2)
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There was the private server (which never released) World of Corecraft.
You can still reach some forum posts on ... .com/forum. There was a ton of great TBC information on there.

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