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7 months ago (1.13.3)
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hi, Its me Bruttus :)

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7 months ago (1.13.3)
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Also most welcome here !

Greets forsakenone/tmv81

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4 weeks ago (1.13.4)
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Stumbled over this just now from googling The Valour Legion... don't ask me why i googled it, i honestly don't know...

Read the Anger post and i really brought me down memory lane...

I see old TVL names pop up on my now and then. Read here that Bob stopped playing wow, but im sure i see him now and then log into wow...

Fun Fact. TVL-GB has 7x lvl120 characters ;-D

Guild: The Valour Legion
Guild created 5-15-2006. 133 players, 69 accounts

Think its only like 3 ppl that now and then log on a alt in the guild, most have months and years since last log on... about 50% of characters have 4-7 years since last log on.

@Benon I took over Zeurel's account back in tbc/wrath (cant remember exactly when, prob tbc since Zeurel-Grim-Batol is lvl70 stil), He stopped playing and gave me the account... cant 100% remember why, but i think i remember he moving to a timezone where he wasn't gonna play on EU anymore... Maybe US or AU (for some reason im thinking NZ, but as i said... cant remember for sure).


Btw. I play Retail WoW not Classic.

I started playing Classic with a few friends on a US realm and lvl'd to 60 and did the hole farm your pre-raid meta (leather fury anyone?) and did some raiding, but in the end I stopped playing since playing and raiding on US timezone didn't fit well with having a 8-16 job here.... Also playing ally (yea, yea i know...) on a pvp server populated by like 3/4 horde sorta killed the mode when they opened world pvp and ladder with no BGs... even with epic mount u where a easy target. esp. since u had mostly leather gear...

cba. to lvl a new character to 60 on EU.

Dustwallow Marsh
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2 weeks ago (1.13.4)
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I got to ask: is this same TVL from Warhammer Online?

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