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4 months ago (Beta)
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Maybe we should all just mutually close this thread by not posting anything.

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Erik wrote:
4 months ago
Maybe we should all just mutually close this thread by not posting anything.
Isnt it kind of fun though?!?! Its like watching a car accident. The dark side of us loves this.

Selexin wrote:
3 weeks ago
I'll have you know we have many resident developers who were involved in the creation of Vanilla WoW that have fantastically fool proof solutions to allll the imaginary problems!!!
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4 months ago (Beta)
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Wow I have been sick for the last week and I come back to this thread and find its more like a mind field!

Stating my conclusion and im out...the reason world pvp was amazing was because it just happened.
People ganking were ganking because they wanted to have fun and stir shit up or just came across the other faction and decided they were red so they are dead. And the people being ganked was because of wrong place at the wrong time. Which started other people to jump in and help, starting a huge war. Adding collection shit makes it not wpvp anymore...in the sense of what vanilla wpvp was this would be a new type of wpvp, more calculated, more scheduled, more reason, more bullshit.

XRealm was not the reason for wpvp dying, world pvp never died in vanilla period.
If it did then, when i was playing in vanilla before tbc launched then who the hell was i killing in the open world and why were there named npcs joining in?

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