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Greetings everyone,

I've been searching for all the PPM (proc per minute) of items and spells in vanilla, but I realized that it's a much harder and longer endeavor than I first initially believed. If anyone knows of a list or some old research - I'd like to read it.

The hardest values to determine so far are weapons. So far I've found that two-handed weapons have an average of 5%~ to proc, while one-handed have half that. This information is extremely speculative and not concrete.

I'll be adding to this post later on with an extensive list of required items and spells.

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"This information is extremely speculative and not concrete." From anything I have ever read, this data is just extrapolated from known data and then a standard deviation is applied. I think private server values are +/- 3% based on their own estimates? I'm not sure that we have access to this information unless someone is able to pull it from Classic.

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Honestly, you wont be able to actually make such a list before Classic releases and people have time to test that stuff.

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