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The name of this topic is marely to point out that the sheet is under my supervision, the info itself has been discussed upon and fetched from every corner of the interwebs. Special thanks to the <Noctum> crew for helping me out and thank you everyone else who has contributed!

- First off, I'd like to point out that it is highly recommended for all players to have engineering (gnomish or goblin,
doesn't matter) as a second profession. The reason for this is simply because it is the only profession with true perks in
vanilla WoW, throughout the whole game. It s really helpful in both PvE- and PvP situtions.
- There are links throughout the whole sheet, which pop up on the computer when you mouse-over the cell. On your
phone/table, you need to tap the cell twice to get up a menu with the links.
- Everything in this guide concerns the viable and partially viable PvE specs. To define partially viable, I mean hybrid
classes that deal damage but are able to step up and heal/tank if needed during the encounter. The specs which are not
mentioned in the sheet will not be added for the simple reason that they simply cannot perform well enough. I know
that some guilds will like to keep up the "Vanilla"-spirit and allow every spec, this guide might not be for them. *Keep up
the true Vanilla spirit*, is all I can say to them.
- While the "best-in-slot" section of this sheet contains the utter most best item for each slot, it is highly unlikely to get
anywhere close to having this equipment. The only stage where it is remotely possible is phase 6. Therefore I
recommend you to compose your own set off lists using the links embedded in the avatar class pictures at the top of the
sheet. Every "BiS"-item collected should be considered a bonus.
- On the "Equipment & enchants" sub-sheet you find that some items are bracketed and plus symbols appear. Bracketed
items are items that are the actual BiS-items, but which are close to unobtainable to the average player. Curly bracketed
items are legendary items; items that are above all else. Cells that contains a + symbol indicates usage of multiple
trinkets that are swapped between mid-fight using feign death (hunter) and vanish (rogue). "+ ..." indicates usage of
random passive trinket when you're done with the usable trinkets.

There are three sub-sheets in this sheet:
1. Raid encounters and guides
This sheet contains all the raid encounters in the game, with links on info/lore for each boss, links to tactical guides
to each boss, as well as links to guides on how to get attuned for each raid dungeon.
2. Buffs & consumables
Here all buffs and consumables for each class/specc are listed. The ones you do not see here are not here
because they do not stack with the listed.
3. Equipment & enchants
The sheet contains every “best-in-slot” item for every stage (from release to Naxxramas) for every
viable and partially viable specc, with the best possible enchant for each slot. There is also a bonus sheet
containing various resistance items for each class in preparation for upcoming raid dungeons, as well as AoE-tanking

Guide to use the sheet:

Link to guide: ... sp=sharing

The sheet will be updated with future Blizzard announcements and patches.

Use the sheet as you wish and do not hesitate to leave feedback or post if you have any questions, alt. contact me on Discord - pingaan#5396.

Last updated:
2 May (2019)

Changelog: ... sp=sharing

I won't add PvP "BiS"-lists
I will not spend time adding classes/specs that aren't considered viable. If you want it on the list you are welcome to create one identical to my layout and send it to me. This will be fully credited in your name.

To top this up I would like to do some PR for our guild. We are a setup of mature ppl with a solid core on about 30 raiders. Many of us are family guys, but with a past vast experience in high-end raiding. Personally, I am one of the founders of Ad Noctum/Kreml High (vanilla-WotLK) and I have been acting as the guild master of this recent settlement. Along with players from past Nihilum, Method, Glamuor, Nightmares Asylum, Forte and more we have managed to create a laid-back guild with great atmosphere and decent raiding. We raid only twice a week and we raid hard! Keep and eye out for <Noctum> on the EU servers. We WILL be there!

If you are interested in our guild please send me a PM on either these forums or Discord (pingaan#5396).

I’ll happily invite you to our private Discord server for you to get a feel.

Best regards,

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