Tirisfal Glades
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Guild Name: <Extreme>

Faction: HORDE

Region: North America

Realm: PVP Blaumeux

Guild Orientation: PvE/PvP/Social

Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore

Method of Contact - Barrens.chat / discord: TheDolamite#7497 (in game: Dolamite)

Guild Discord: https://discord.gg/jrtfP7

Guild Schedule:
(all raids begin forming 30 minutes prior to first pull)
- PVE -
- MC is Tuesday and Sunday. First pull 7PM-10pm server time.
- Onyxia is the same time, but random days due to 5 day reset schedules. (Information passed on Discord)

- PVP -
- PVP events are currently sporadic. Plans for an actual organized premade are in the works. We are looking for a PVP coordinator/leader.

Guild Description:

<Extreme> was founded in very early 2005 on Mal'Ganis and had success in the PVE and PVP disciplines and has reformed with a large portion of the original core to enjoy Classic WOW.

We feel that Classic WOW should be enjoyed, not endured so we maintain a lighter than usual raid schedule while still achieving success. With that, if you are a drama queen; we will remove you upon identification of issues. We are an older group and we have no time for needless drama.

As of 13 October 2019; we are sub 50% on Ragnaros with a 30-35 member raid group with multiple kills on Onyxia as well.


As of 15 OCT 2019 we are in the market for:

1-2 Reatoration shaman
1-2 Frost Mages
1 Warlock
All eligible to earn a slot in the current raid group.
(Anticipating a 2nd group in the future)

*We are over strength on warriors/tanks*

1 PVP leader/coordinator for premade

Please PM: Dolamite, Chuckwow, Lavrute, Sylvaa, or Knerd in game for more information.
Or Dolamite at the provided Discord ID above.

Council Chairman
Warrior Protection
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US Kirtonos
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Guild Name <Vexation>
Faction -Horde-
Region - North America
Realm - PvP - Kromkush
Guild Orientation - PvE/PvP
Guild Focus - Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore
Method of Contact - BarrensChat - Pwntatoes /Discord - Zquils#4222 / Bnet - Cragnon#1810
Guild Schedule - I Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday I 7pm - 10pm EST I
Guild Description -

<Vexation> Final stage of recruiting.

We are a group of friends who raided together in vanilla that have returned to play on the Horde side on Kromcrush. We've been joined by a great group of similar minded people so far, and are looking to push to guild only raiding.

So far, we have added about 17 quality people. You may note that we do very little mass recruiting; nobody needs that drama (well we don't). We always prioritize bringing together good people, and currently have slots for most classes and roles (though we're especially interested in resto druids/shaman).

If you're looking for a good group of people to play with, advance through the game (any member can help you out), and have a good time, hit up any <Vexation> member to be put in contact with an officer. (Officers include: Matchaman, Mcduk, Chilled, Garami, Zimmie, Durabull, Kainstryke, and Daksak).

If you have a smaller guild of decent people/players that are looking to merge/progress; reach out and let's talk (there will be officer roles available to your leadership.)

Pwntatoes <Vexation> of Kromkush

"I heard if you cut off an extremity it'll regenerate a little bigger. Don't believe it."
Warlock Affliction
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Tortollan Shellraisers (Update)

The Tortollan Shellraisers are a social raiding guild who wants to kill bosses, and with failure or success will have fun doing it.

We are currently recruiting to take on Onyxia's Lair, Molten core and for the main boss of grinding for the pre raid best in slot.

When battlegrounds enter the world we will be participating in glorious battle! As for world PVP it is something we want to pursue and hopefully conquer Stormwind one day.

Even if you're new to Classic or World of Warcraft as a whole, you are welcome with us and we will help you to reach your goals.

We are looking for people who are motivated to play classic wow and keep pushing for those sweet boss kills. If you are friendly a massive nerd and can take some banta from time to time you will fit right in.

A bit about us: We all came from the retail version of the game and wanting to give Classic a try. After playing on various private servers we decided that this game is very much for us. Overall we are new to the Classic raiding scene ourselves and can't wait to clear it with you if you are experience or are very new like us.

We are located on Zandalar Tribe EU Horde.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up contact: Rizfkca

Tortolla preserve us!

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EU Razorgore
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The Banditos
PVP Razorgore
Ingame - Gadino Discord - Gadino#7542
Raid Days - Wednesday and Saturday 1900-2300 (Server Time)
We are a group of idiots who happen to be close friends and are looking to expand our ranks to allow us to complete end game content together. Currently open to all classes and experience levels - you will be guaranteed a raid spot!

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EU Shazzrah
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<Karma>[10/10MC 1/1Ony] - Alliance - Shazzrah is recruiting.

Experienced leadership and core from Northdale/Lightbringer/Nostalrius and old Vanilla.
We have, once again, created a great community that will last until the end of Vanilla and will enjoy all aspects of the game.

What you can expect from us:
Current clear times:
Raid 1: 38 minutes MC (Top 10 EU Alliance, Top 15 World)
Raid 2: 60 minutes MC ( 6th fastest alliance clear on the server, tied with R3 )
Raid 3: 60 minutes MC (tied with R2 for 6th fastest clear on the server)**
When it comes to raiding, the goal is to waste as little time as possible thanks to exceptional performance. We have lead many guilds before, and got them from server launch to clearing Naxxramas. The main raid team speedruns content. We also have a second raid team that clears content fast, where alts are welcome. Outside of raids you can expect World PVP groups/events and PVP premades lead by very experienced multiple rank 14 players.
Announcements and Raid Sign-ups are done via discord and assignments/loot are handled via spreadsheets.

Raid Times: Sunday/Monday 18:30-23:00 (ServerTime)
[ ATM: Raid 1 and Raid 3 = Sunday | Raid 2 = Monday ]
We have 2 raid days but note that most of the time, we will only be raiding **1 day per week** (Sunday). Even after AQ launch, we will be clearing AQ+BWL+MC on the same raid night.

Loot system: Loot Council

Recruiting: Holy paladins, Holy Priests *and any exceptional players.*
Social spots also available via application or someone vouching for you.
Raid spots are competitive, so any exceptional application will be considered, regardless of class.

If you wish to be part of a strong guild from the start until the end, contact Jidanul#1620 on discord - Jidanul#2315 on battlenet, or apply on our discord. Have a nice day!

Arathi Highlands
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Guild Name: Vile
Faction: Alliance
Region: North America
Realm: PvE - Old Blanchy
Guild Orientation: PvE, Social, PvP
Guild Focus: Casual
Method of Contact: Discord - https://discord.gg/zx5xxjY
Guild Schedule: None currently. (We're too early in the process and don't have enough people to make this decision yet.). However most of our members so far are PST (but if you are CST or EST please do apply!)

Guild Description:

<Vile> is recruiting players of any class, level, or experience. We're too small to raid (yet) but do intend to when we grow large enough. But our first priority is taking our time to build a quality community of respectful players interested in the long-haul of Classic.

We've been around for 15 years, all the way back to vanilla. These are some of the things we value:

:point_right: An environment of high respect both in the guild and outside the guild.
:point_right: We want to succeed as a team rather than as individuals.
:point_right: We do not have attendance/activity requirements and won't compel you to do things you don't want to do.
:point_right: We support our members in whatever gameplay modes they enjoy (Raiding, dungeons, World PvP, battlegrounds, questing, etc). You are not required to enjoy the game in the same way that others do.
:point_right: We view loot as a rewarding part of the journey, not the destination, and not the exclusive reason to play the game.
:point_right: Above all else we're interested in building a lasting community of people who enjoy each others company (regardless of what we're doing in-game).

If this sounds like a place you'd like to call home then please join us.

Apply in discord:

Burning Steppes
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EU Firemaw
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[Pugsome] (Firemaw) is hosting MC Pug-Raid on Friday 29/11 - 19:00. /Alliance side/

All classes welcome!

Join discord for more information :lol:

Have a nice week.


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EU Mograine
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<Nostalgia> Mograine - Horde EU - [English]

Re-live your Vanilla WoW experience with this international team of new and old raiders! We offer a strong stable roster and a shorter raid-time commitment.

PVE Raids Two days a week:
hourglass Wednesdays and Sundays at 20:00 to 23:00 CET
point_right We do not want to waste time, faster MCs every week, but not "speed clearing." Previous MC clear time is 1h30min (killing all trash). Main raid day is Wednesday until more content is released.

Currently Looking for more trials for the guild’s core raid team, we are not recruiting for MC, but for future content and long term members.

thinking Need:
Resto shaman
Resto Druid

A combination of attendance, dedication, and a competitive mindset makes you an ideal trial. Do not expect to be carried or think we care about your pvp delusions, or expect loot to fall into your lap.

100 Simple Loot Rules:
A roll-off loot system is used based on your guild rank, while also using a priority list.

If this sounds like your new home, message me via discord, or in game officers: Celeros, Xplicite, Valhera, Seekin, Cruelty and Rionee. Feel free to say hello in our discord and read about the guild and fill out an application in our guild's discord channel. https://discord.gg/sEBm2TU

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US Atiesh
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Guild Name: :star: Kingdom :star:
Server: Atiesh
Faction: Alliance
GM: Momotchi (Btag: Zylra#1152)
Officers: Bossmage (Btag: bossmage#11451); Thejolly (Btag: Shrimby#1158); Eskal
Guild Focus: Maintaining a relaxed yet serious and competitive raiding environment.
Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 10 PM - 1 AM server time
Discord: https://discord.gg/EKg2uyE
Progression: Fresh. Our members, however, have cleared all current content.

Current Class Needs:
Warrior - Open
Druid - [Restoration] Low, [Feral] Low, [Balance] Closed
Priest - [Holy] Open, [Shadow] Closed, [Discipline] Low
Mage - Open
Warlock - Open
Hunter - Open
Paladin - [Holy] Open, [Retribution] Closed, [Protection] Closed
Rogue - Open

Loot System: A smart BiS free roll system. An item that is BiS for someone will be free rolled among others that share the condition. Tanks receive utmost gear priority, and hunters receive ranged priority. Leadership will mediate gear concerns and in cases of notable gear disparity will help nudge a piece or two to a less fortunate raider as needed. Recipes and patterns are free rolled but must be learned on the spot upon distribution. This system ensures speed, fairness, and eliminates unnecessary human bias.

Notes: Kingdom is a brand new guild. As of typing this, "this week" brand new, conceived after our members departed from a larger guild due to conflicting values. Though we are in the startup phase, our members are geared, experienced, and serious about progression as content is relevant. We wish to foster a fair, transparent, and helpful environment where constructive criticism is both sought out and encouraged. As such, new raiders as well are encouraged to give us a try, and for PvPers, our roster may frequently be found in BGs during downtime. Looking to jump right back into Onyxia and Molten Core as soon as able. Do not hesitate to send us a message to an in-game, via BattleTag or via Discord. We look forward to hearing from you, dark sense of humor encouraged, if your easily offended look somewhere else

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OC Arugal
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<Vanilla Ice Cream> Recruiting all classes & levels, We focus on our community culture.

As a Guild our main focus is to have a good time & experience WoW the way our YOU want to relive WoW Classic. We have tailored a very successful raiding Guild that tailors its self around being understanding and mature when ensuring each member is not forgotten about. We have ONY on a 15-20min Farm, We are 8/10 MC clear (Expect to clear 9-10 in Jan 2020). We help level, attune, gear up, and invest in all our members.

7:30pm Server Wednesday,Thursday & Sunday

DKP (Must Use DKP addon)

Positive attitude, have discord installed and able to hear hear our Raid Leader, the ability to be open minded and respectful of others.

All Roles/Class's as we approach the complete fill of our Group A, Group B will be commencing, Hence we are chasing all Roles/Class's.
All mature minded, positive and constructive players.

Casuals welcome.

Please send DMs to Cheaplove#2136 on Discord for more info!

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EU Mograine
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***Nostalgia*** Mograine - Horde EU - [English]

Two raid groups, Both cleared Molten Core[10/10] and Onyixa[1]
Re-live your Vanilla WoW experience with this international team of new and old raiders! Many people have Vanilla and Private Server experience from Molten Core to Naxx.

**Raid Schedule**
PVE Raids Two days a week at 19:00 to 23:00 GAME TIME raid invites start 30 mins prior

**Currently Looking for the following classes for the guild’s raid teams**
High Need:
Resto Druid
Fury Warrior

Medium Need:
Enhancement Shaman
Resto Shaman

Low Need:
Holy/Disc Priest

Full - even know we are full on the below classes we would accept exceptional players
Shadow Priest

**Looting System**
The looting system works on a basic /roll system for Main Spec, however this will be limited by your in-guild rank. This is then backed up by a priority list e.g a dagger rogue has priority over a fury warrior for a dagger.

The rolls per rank are:
Rank / Roll
Class Master: 1- 100
Core: 1-100
Raider: 1-70

So no matter your rank in the guild you have a chance to win loot. No need for complicated EPGP-DKP or drama prone time consuming loot councils! We use this loot system so we can keep the raid moving. In certain rare cases some loot items may go to loot council due to a item being a vast upgrade. A more detailed explanation in the guild’s discord.

**Raiding Requirements and Expectations:**

1. Consumables such as elixirs, mana/health/rage potions and protection potions are 100% required for raids
2. Many raiders and members also use juju, flasks, runes, explosives, and world buffs so this is encouraged
3. 100% attendance is very important, but real life happens and explaining your absence is enough
4. Addons required. Info in discord

If this sounds like your new home, message me via discord, officers are: Valhera, Xplicite, Celeros, Cruelty and Rionee. Feel free to say hello in our discord:

Druid Feral
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Night Elf
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Mirage Raceway server - <Truefaith> guild - PvE Alliance

Currently recruiting for BWL raid team as we had some attrition during the holidays

Focused and organized, yet casual friendly as we are realistic about people having jobs, familes and generaly want to have fun with the game rather than being forced into anything. No crazy requirements for world buffs and consumables, no forced attendance (as long as you actually attend every now and then). We usualy clear current content in 2.5h. Social members are welcome too and given raid spots when available

DKP based loot (with few exceptions). Raiding for Phase 3 will be Wednesday and Sunday 19:30 - 23:00 server time, we are considering adding 3rd raid day. Single raid team, with full ranks we are able to do split onyxia (with help of alts) and are looking into potential alt runs/split runs in the future. New members are expected to mess around on alts, shitpost on our discord, tell us on voice all about your personal issues that not one cares about etc.

Currently looking for following classes:
Restoration Druid
Feral Druid
Fury Warrior

Members are expected to play their class to the full extent in guild raids and dungeons. We loathe retail mentality of playing pigeonhole spec rather than class to its fullest and even recently started utilizing paladin offtanks in MC because … we can! Have a relevant offspec gear with you in raids and be ready to use it when appropriate.
Also my charming personality attracts people from miles away

For further info please contact us on Discord
Rage#4196 (me)
Mithy#4880 (my GM brother from another mother)
No applications needed, just quick chat with either of us

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2 weeks ago (1.13.2)
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Guild Name: <Loot Goblins>
Faction: Horde
Server Name: Earthfury
Server Location: NA-PvP East Coast
Guild Environment: Semi-Hardcore

RAID TIMES: Saturday from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM EST.
- We will add additional time on Saturday and a Sunday raid day (same time as Saturday) as new content rolls out.

Loot Goblins is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that has its roots in the vanilla and private server scenes. We are a gaming community that has been playing lots of different games together now for several years. Our rules to join are relaxed -- just fill out a short application on our discord and we will evaluate based on our guild population and class diversity. The whole process happens very quickly!

1/1 Onyxia & 10/10 Molten Core - Loot farming time!

Currently we raid for about an hour and a half from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM EST on Saturdays. As Classic progresses and new content is added, our guild will add more raid time as well. Presently, we intend to extend Saturday raid times and add Sundays at the same time when more PvE content is added to Classic.

We use a modified Suicide Kings loot system coupled with a light Loot Council that is mostly reserved for tanking and resist gear.

If you are looking for a (nearly) authentic Classic wow experience, and our raid times work for you, you are welcome to head over to our discord and apply. Simply go to the Classic -recruitment section and copy/paste the questionnaire with your answers in a DM to myself or any of the other officers.

Our roster is a competitive roster. No spots are guaranteed even for officers. We feel this keeps every pushing and performing at their best. So we encourage any potential applicant to apply but we are currently recruiting:
- Priest and Shaman Healers
- High Performing DPS (70%+ Parsers)

We look forward to hearing from you. https://discord.gg/vxKUu4k

Elwynn Forest
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US Faerlina
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Aw no Faerlina guilds yet. May have to switch to Herod as i'm horde side..

My Anime List

My Twitter

Blackplagued, Warlock - Faerlina
EU Mirage Raceway
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Please include us in your list of guilds. Thank you very much for the effort!

Guild name: The Order of Azeroth
Faction: Alliance
Region: Europe
Realm: PvE Mirage Raceway
Guild Orientation: PvE / Social Raiding
Guild Focus: Casual Raiding
Method of Contact: https://theorderofazeroth.com / https://theorderofazeroth.com/discord\
Guild Schedule: Friday 7.30 – 10 PM CET / UTC+1 and Sunday 7 – 10 PM CET / UTC+1
Guild Description:
The Order of Azeroth originated on Quel'Thalas (EU) during Vanilla where we built a strong guild community and a successful raid team. With the launch of Classic we have reformed on the Alliance side of Mirage Raceway, with many original members re-joining us to play alongside the new members of our community.

We are social players, who realise that the real value of the game lies in meeting and playing with like-minded people. We value a friendly, mature atmosphere over all else. Our raids are well organised and well led and we kill bosses with little fuss and no drama. However, If you are strongly motivated by loot and speedy progression, we are not the guild for you.

We have vacancies for the following roles in our raid team:
• Druid (Resto)
• Warrior (Fury/Prot)
• Paladin (Holy)
• Priest (Holy/Disc)
• Mage
Recruitment of Rogues for the raid team is currently closed. We are always open to social members and can accommodate some other classes and roles in our raid roster.

Our raid times are:
• Friday: 19:30 - 23:00 (GMT+1)
• Sunday: 19:30 - 23:00 (GMT+1)

Current progress:
• 10/10 MC
• 1/1 Onyxia

Loot system
We use Master Loot and have a simple rule of one need-roll win for your main spec per raid. There is no loot council, DKP or any other loot system.

If you are interested in learning more or want to join us, you can visit our website at https://theorderofazeroth.com/ or submit an application through our Discord server at https://theorderofazeroth.com/discord
To speak to an Officer in-game, contact:
• Bhalgrim
• Daggermane
• Nigma
• Rainha

Warrior Fury
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EU Ashbringer
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  • Guild Name: <Vandals>
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Region: - Europe
  • Realm: - PvP-Ashbringer
  • Guild Orientation: - Social, dungeons, entry level raiding
  • Guild Focus: - Casual (yet!)
  • Method of Contact: - Contact me through Discord: Midoo#2125 or /w Midoo
  • Guild Schedule: - Any time. When we start raiding I estimate around 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM on Saturdays
  • Guild Description:
    We're a young, fresh social guild with a promising roster of players from all across Europe and beyond. Our guild is still new, and only a few days old from the time of writing this, and most of us are still sub-60, but we're active and dedicated to helping each other grow and run content so we can progress and start raiding soon. There's a few of us, but we only need to get the ball rolling.
    If you can't catch up to all the minmaxers running raids on their 10 alts every week since launch, and just want to kick back with a few buddies and raid casually like the old days of Vanilla, then this guild is for you.
    Gladly welcoming all classes and levels, as long as you're dedicated!
    If you run a tiny guild and like our name, you can message me and we'll arrange a merge.

"Einstein would turn over in his grave;
Not only does God play dice,
But the dice are loaded."

- Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang, "Looking God In The Eye"
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