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Hey all I talked to Teebling and he said posting a recruiitment blurb here would be fine. I was hesitent because I don't want the site to fill up with spam. That said I am an experienced leader in game and in real life. I'm a retired military lawyer and I've been leading guilds for almost 15 years.

I want to extend my invitation to any of you that could make our raid times and are interested. I will gladly give advice to any of you even if you won't be joining my guild so please just let me know if I can help. I have literally years of experience playing vanilla warrior as tank and DPS and have seen so much in terms of guild leadership.

All the best to you,

Shannon (Lne)

Here's the blurb

Epoch of Thought [H] | NA-PvP | Tue, Wed, Sun 1800—2200 PST | Hardcore

About: EoT started on Bloodscalp shortly after vanilla wow’s release & became a top guild on the server. We’ve persisted as a gaming family ever since. Our goal has always been to clear content as a team while providing a second family for our members.

For classic we will be a top guild & clear Naxxramas. We have a solid core experienced through Naxx. Most of us have raided for years & are ready to devour classic content. We run a DKP-guided loot council focused on awarding gear where it best serves raid progression & best recognizes, attendance, & contribution to raid performance.

What we expect**: We expect dedicated, skilled raiders who show up with consumes, proper gear, & knowledge. We are team-focused so great performers are appreciated & recognized, but divas who are unconcerned with the health of the entire raid team or overly self-interested are not tolerated. We are a diverse group of raiders worthy of individual respect & the respect of everyone’s time.

In short, be prepared, be knowledgeable, be on time, & don’t be an A-hole.

Raid Schedule: Tue, Wed, Sun, 6 PM to 10 PM PST (GMT-8) (9pm – 1 AM EST) hard stops. Our guild has always been extremely active & 20-mans, Onyxia, etc. will continue to be ran on non-core days. On most days, if you log in, you will find a good group of people to smash content with.

Looking for: Great people of all classes are strongly encouraged to apply; specifically seeking: Shamans, Rogues & Warlocks. Core raid spots are earned through demonstrated competence & dedication. If you are interested in leadership roles within the guild please send me a whisper & let’s chat.

Apply: The best way to join is to shoot me a private discord message, but the less social can also fill out an application on our Website <> You can also jump on our discord at <>

Join us!

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