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Back in the day? I couldn't stand Sunken Temple, BRD, or LBRS/UBRS because they were so complex, and I didn't like Strath b/c of the mob density.

Now, I kinda like all of them except Strath because of those damn gargoyles.

Shaman Restoration
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I absolutely love SM in its original form. Graveyard having lower level requirements as Cathedral for example makes it relevant for quite a level range. Being near to UC was also a big plus as a Horde player.

I cannot count all the Hunters, Shamans, Warriors I leveled in Vanilla with the sole purpose of equiping them with the whole SM mail items, Ravager even if some items were not "optimal" or simply exchanged a few levels later (I am looking at you Carpace of Tuten'kash and Icemetal Barbute). :biggrin:

Edit: Damn wrong thread :lol:

Mage Frost
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Sunken Temple. "did we go up these stairs?" "I think we did" "What about these stairs?" "No we didn, oh yes we did" We should have doe the NE statue before this one" "Wait, did we go up these stairs?" UGH!

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Gnomeregan. As much as I love gnomes, the city is not pretty and the bosses are forgettable.

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Mordraek wrote:
5 months ago
and finally, the number one most hated dungeon of vanilla........

Drum roll please.........

It’s Mauradon!!!!!
what do you mean you dont like maraudon? You mean you dont like accidentally slipping off a bridge and losing 30 minutes of progress?

Mauradon is like the strict father of WC. Kids today will never know what its like spending 8 hours sitting down on a video game with four other miserable people and walking away with 2 mediocre greens

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I'm gonna have to say Gnomeregan like many others here. It's just, I don't know, I've never had any love for it, but I don't hate it either. I think it's because it's confusing and takes awhile to get done, but mostly for me there wasn't much great loot there, and I don't fancy the visual design.

That said, I don't hate any vanilla dungeons, I just don't love it.

Tirisfal Glades
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Gnomer with Ulda in a close 2nd!

Arathi Basin
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Sunken Temple. At least if its a full run. You can almost never keep a group together for the full length.

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