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Poll  •  How much fee are you willing to pay? Not counting mats
US Skeram
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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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For you level 60s put there that have Bis or close weapons already. How much are you willing to pay for Crusader enchant right now?
Mats cost roughly 110-140g

I just got the recipe, hence asking :D
I was thinking of 100g fee.

Warrior Fury
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US Fairbanks
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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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I bought a crusader enchant recipe on Fairbanks for 600g on day 7-9. I needed it for the guild. At this point, the recipe was likely worth more than 600 as I was willing to spend upwards of 1000g, and our enchanter was charging about 50-100g to apply it. As the days go on, more are introduced and the cost goes down (supply and demand). The cost of an enchant or any crafting service is relative to the amount of people who can provide the service. At this point, crusader is likely only worth about 10-30g for an application fee. Where on most servers a Lionheart Helm craft is still probably worth 100-400g as a crafting fee. These costs will continue to decline until they are eventually an optional tip.

On one of the private servers I played on none of the guilds had seen a spell power to weapon enchant for about 4 weeks except one guild. The guild enchanter who had the recipe was charging about 500g for the application of the enchant, and they were selling. Was this fair? Who knows. But they sold, and he was the only guy with the enchant so he was able to set the price to whatever he wanted for his exclusive enchant. This is the reward from splitting from the pack and getting something desirable so I'm usually okay with guys charging a lot for something they worked hard for.

Its important to remember that in consideration of crusader, which is a world drop, the availability of getting the enchant has been increased through layering so the cost is actually significantly lower than on most early private servers. When you are in one cohesive world, players will farm this and then protect the area where it can respawn in the world, allowing them to control the market for a significant period of time.

g0bledyg00k wrote:
1 year ago
Never making a single investment again until I 100% know it pays off.
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EU Flamelash
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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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60g on my server which is good considering how much it goes for on other servers :)

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Night Elf
1 year ago (1.13.2)
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Seen it go for mats +20g on my server recently.

[ Golemagg | Alliance | Hunter | Lucas ]
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1 year ago (1.13.2)
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You should be server specific and ask other enchanters on that server what they are getting paid for the enchant to get the correct number.

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