The Barrens Chat Team

  •  a little bit about us :)
  • Furious

    Hey I'm Furious, aka NightElfMohawk, and I'm the owner and main director of Barrens Chat. I've been playing vanilla wow since the original launch, through the emulation scene, and of course Classic WoW. I run a number of websites related to the game and write opinion pieces, guides, and walkthroughs.

  • Teebling

    I'm the original designer-developer of Barrens Chat, which I started two years ago when the retail version was first announced. Since then I've been iterating and updating the site, writing WoW Classic webtools and looking after forum administration.

  • Pippina

    Hey I'm Pip! I joined Barrens Chat in mid 2019 and since then I've been an active member of the forums, later becoming a community moderator for the site. I'm progressing through the endgame with my guild right now. Also I have 128GB of RAM.

  • Knoxtane

    I joined BC over a year ago in hopes that I would find the PERFECT Classic WoW Community, as I had never played Classic before. Well over a year later, I'm still here and BC is still kicking. I've made a number of graphics and video pieces for the site and I'm a community moderator.

  • Taladril

    Taladril here! I've written a number of Druid guides over the years of vanilla and joined BC recently as a main contributor and co-administrator. Outside of BC I'm also involved in the WoW Classic Live team and on the classic streaming scene.