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5 months ago

Re: Best player interactions so far?

I love seeing little cultural habits: take for instance this dwarf on his way in metro station to Ironforge, complaining about recent crime rates, suspecting gnomes being at fault. The guy added, maybe they should wall up those pesky gnomes. And no, I'm not being political IRL, I loved the in-game f...
5 months ago

Server restarts breaking macros

Did anyone else notice server restarts are constantly removing all the macro setups? I know it's supposedly a minor worry, but it seriously irks me. It's such a hassle to setup them in the first place. Should I write them down on editor or something or is this supposed to be temporary problem?
6 months ago

Re: I'm nervous, but my mind is made up: Retribution Paladin!

Hey folks! To OP: absolutely you should play what you want, especially if you going for RP-PvP server. Me and my friend are planning on rolling dwarven characters to have racial RP there. Of course it's not a downside that dwarven race traits also fit our class and we aren't making too much of a hip...