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  •  What class will you be playing and why?

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10 hours ago
Balance Druid because I am a masochist. No seriously a mage or warlock. I still haven't decided.
17 hours ago
MeatLumps wrote:
20 hours ago
Be honest. Based on your signature, its really for that [] isnt it?
Funnily enough - plays a tiny but not insignificant part, yes :lol:
20 hours ago
kvmphvre wrote:
23 hours ago
Since I find the actual gameplay of combo points and energy very fun and rewarding I have decided on Rogue - at least until I change my mind again.
Be honest. Based on your signature, its really for that [] isnt it?
23 hours ago
I was leaning on Shaman for a while - but I decided to do some testing on repack. And while I love shaman early level, enhancement later on gets a bit stale for me.

Since I find the actual gameplay of combo points and energy very fun and rewarding I have decided on Rogue - at least until I change my mind again. There's something about energy management and building combo points while keeping track of the mob's health in order to decide on what finisher to use that I find enjoyable. This paired with all the options available for initiation in stealth makes Rogue combat about constantly making decisions, which keeps every fight interesting for me.

All that is left now is to decide on a race... damnit
1 day ago
Ret Pala of course.

I know a lot of Players (mainly P Server players) think that it is a joke class and people just trolling with it but i never leveld that easy in Vanilla and was always helpfull in dungeons while leveling up. I would even say that i saved many wipes because i could heal, lay on hands and so on.

I really love the Ret Pala and in PvP he is just fun.
1 day ago
Gnome mage! I played one til 40-ish in vanilla, this time I'm gonna finish the job.

Personal stuff aside, great class with great utility, portals, refreshments. Love the Mechanostrider and racials.
1 day ago
Warrior. I am not sure why I initially picked one, but I absolutely loved it. Rogue and Mage are tempting due to mechanics, Druid and Paladin are for their class fantasy. (Druid shapeshifting also is a very cool mechanic, so that class is really high on my list). Shaman would be really cool too if I wasnt dead set on Alliance (Dwarf best race). I also like the Dwarfen Hunter image.
Over the course of Vanilla I expect to play pretty much every class. The only classes that dont really interest me are Priest and Warlock.
1 day ago
I started out with druid and almost 100% sure I'll be playing Tauren Shaman by release.
1 day ago
Warlock, because of its insane versatility. You can solo incredibly well, you have great utility in groups, you have access to bursty and tanky pvp specs that feel distinct from your pve specs, and class fantasy is 10/10.
2 days ago
Warlock, because until I started practicing for Classic I'd never played one, and it's a complex class, which is a challenge I'm eager for.
2 days ago
Nelf Rogue, for sure. Going to be re-creating my main from Vanilla->BFA, same appearance and everything. If I have a sudden change of mind before launch though, I might roll a Gnome Rogue instead purely for the racial...

Stealth is just too much fun in PvP, and leaping out of the shadows with an Ambush dealing crazy burst damage is incredibly satisfying. Then you've got sap (hilarious), decent farming in pick pocketing, interesting class quests, groovy armour, lock picking to make a few G on the side, and pretty viable raid DPS specs.
2 days ago
Undead (maybe orc for racials) Warlock. It was my first character ever, it will be fantastic for the warlock's utility to matter beyond being a portal for raids.

I was pretty bad at MMO's when I started. I was very used to the diablo dynamic of grouping/guilds/clans/loot etc so it was hard to adjust so I never got into many good guilds so I'm insanely excited to be able to relive the beginning of my favorite game of all time WHILE having the benefit of 15 years of mmo gaming under my belt. It's gonna be fucking wild.
4 days ago
My first character I stuck with after trying a few other classes was a NE Druid, I loved that guy, you bet I'll be doing it again for classic! I can't decide if I want to play Hunter, Mage, or Shaman for a Horde alt.
5 days ago
Healing Priest, easy spot for raid.
2 weeks ago
Holy Priest,
I like healing, easy(atleast easier) to get group for dungeons and I just like the playstyle :)
2 weeks ago
my 1st ever character on beta was a Tauren Hunter. Loved it. Only played to level 10, as coming from EQ I knew immediately what this game was going to be and wanted to save the experience for launch to experience it all fresh. Played around with all the classes to level 10 to get a feel for which one it was I would take. Paladin was the last class as I just hated it in EQ and thought it would be similar. Man I was wrong and fell for it immediately.

That was beta.

Launch happened and that change to the class gutted that love and around level 40 on Live I finally rerolled back to a Hunter never to go back to that Paladin. I've always regretted not sticking with the class.

This is my chance to finally rectify that issue and I plan on taking that Paladin to end-game no matter how long of a time it takes to level.
2 weeks ago
rly idk what i will play, idk if horde or alliance. :D i'm thinking about human/undead Mage, Undead Warlock or NE Druid, but i have few months to decide. I was determined play Mage, but now i rly don't know. I don't like to play many characters i prefer have one main so its hard to make right decision. :D

unexpected favorite is priest :D
2 weeks ago
Have spent a long time trying to narrow it down.. Still undecisive

At the moment my list goes something like this 1) Hunter, 2) Mage, 3) Paladin or Priest.. And still havent fully decided on Horde or Alliance
Horde due to nature of leveling since I am familiar with it and would know my way to later levels
Alliance due to dwarfs and the fact that I did not play them at all back in vanilla

The only thing I am certain of is I will be making a few 19s..
2 weeks ago
Mage. AoE farming, portals, great CC, free food and water... Every class has cool stuff, but mage just has the most cool stuff imo :biggrin:
2 weeks ago
For me it's the shaman. One of the numerous reasons for why I want to be a hunter is simply due to the massive survivability the paladin has. Besides, I've always been a warrior at heart, so when I finally decided on mage, I must say the decision basically made itself.

*screams into a pillow*
2 weeks ago
I've boiled it down to Night Elf hunter because of their autonomous nature, class fantasy and fond memory of playing the pet system in Vanilla. Being in a time and place right now where I have lots of RL commitments and responsibilities the autonomous nature of the Hunter enables me to get the most out of this time, while also being able to pull my weight in groups/raids, at least up until Tier 1 difficulty.

It then boiled down to Night Elf & Dwarf (I'm an Alliance player by heart, so the Horde is ruled out). This was a tough choice to make. Eventually it boiled down to my preference of Shadowmeld + Cat, which I'll be using for PVP. Lorewise, Dwarves match better with Engineering than Night Elves (Gun specialization also helps when leveling and engineering), but in the end that didn't push me enough to choose Dwarves.
DoomC wrote:
1 month ago
Hunter so I can don a bitch ass smirk while I run past everyone below lvl 40.
Hunter so I can sic my pet on people while I kick my feet up and eat pizza in shadowmeld.
Hunter so I can ask in general chat why everyone else is leveling so much more slowly than I am.
Hunter so I can roll on every item in the game.
Hunter so I can track my enemies when they rez, so there's no escape.
Hunter so I can eaves drop on everyone in the zone with eyes of the hawk.
Hunter so I can solo dungeon bosses.
Hunter so I can kite world bosses to the main cities like it's just another day at the office.
Hunter so I can tell people they shouldn't have brought a knife to a gun fight.
Hunter so I can shoot people with a crossbow while simultaneously doing backflips.
And this is so true :')
Deleted User 628
2 weeks ago
Selexin wrote:
2 weeks ago
For leveling a full feral spec is alright - I just wouldn't want to be full feral at 60, but that's just personal preference.
I think there's room for at least one dedicated feral per guild, but those will end up tanking and (with crazy amounts of effort) DPSing most of the time - and that's not what I want.

In PvP I think it's hard to justify LotP over NS - to me a big instant heal is much more valuable than a negligible higher crit chance.
I also consider cat (damage) being lackluster in PvP - at least as long as people are smart enough to not let you get in their backs.
Insect Swarm on the other hand (which you get for just one talent point) adds nicely to the pool of sneaky druid damage.

Regarding 1/29/21 - I'm still unsure how to spend all of my talent points, especially in the resto tree.
You either focus on being more raid viable, but then compromise your PvP survivability and vice versa.
Tough choices.

Hm, not sure about your crit healing build as I don't have much experience raiding as resto druid - I only heard that Regrowth is not very mana efficient.
I think I'd rather go with a Moonglow spec, but then - just give it a try and see if you can make it work...
2 weeks ago
I'm going to be playing a shaman as my first character through classic. I main'ed a holy priest through vanilla and want to experience something different. I'm expecting to have either a druid or warrior as my leveling partner so we should have some fun world pvp opportunities.
2 weeks ago
Paladin at launch because Prot pally dream is strong. Gonna rank him to 13 aswell. Played paladin since the dawn of time and I can't break the curse.

Mid-Classic i'll start my Orc Warrior and rank him to 13 most likely and gank my guildies on ally.
2 weeks ago
Synergy wrote:
1 month ago
Now, with Classic around the corner the decision is easy for me:

Druid (with a 1/29/21 hybrid spec)
I had tossed up a PvP Hybrid spec for leveling/fresh 60:
I do prefer full feral though, something like:
I raided through vanilla as HotW/NS:
Here is a spec I have theorycrafted a bit: (it's an odd one, stacking crit, raid healing with down ranked regrowth and HT) I would like to see this one in action. Probably not brave enough to try it though.

HotW spec is quite viable for raiding. Stack intellect on every piece, with some MP5 thrown in for good measure, and spam Rank 4 HT all day. I topped charts regularly, huge huge mana pool. I was happy to give my innervate to priests who weren't smart enough to stack MP5 heavily.

I am excited to level and play my druid at 60. I would love to be a bit more hybrid/pvp focused, if I can master the playstyle and get the right gear setup going. I do like the direct dmg output of pure feral though, so it will be a change.