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  •  Favorite Starting Zones?

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3 months ago
Definitely Mulgore. It sounds silly but I think rolling a Tauren and playing through that zone first shaped the way I saw and played the game. From a visual standpoint, probably Elwynn Forest. I like bright zones and dislike dark ones although I don't really dislike any starting zone.
3 months ago
I've recently played through every starting zone to get a feel for what I would like to do come release. I have to say that Elwynn Forest has the best balance of questing direction and aesthetics. Things just seem to "flow" better there, and with useful rewards. Some zones like Dun Morogh, if you don't know what you're doing you'll find yourself having to backtrack across the whole zone and miss a good handful of quests.
3 months ago
Although I'm a Horde player, Dun Morogh probably is my favorite. Normally I dont like snowy landscapes, but Dun Morogh just has a special feeling to it. Tirisfal probably is my least favorite, it's just ... depressing.
3 months ago
There is and will be, nothing better than walking up out of that crypt in Vanilla.

Starting by the Valkries now, bleh. There is something special about literally walking out of the grave.
3 months ago
Tell, do raw zeals serve the smoky mind ?
I dun't maw raw that often.
Just like a bell wins the heart of the fallen, the altar is foul.
Endure, out are our foes, massing like a fun dear blow flowering before these weary gates.

As hero thrives.
Azeroth rises.
3 months ago
Without a doubt, Tirisfall Glades. My first and favorite starting zone. All the feels. Mulgore 2nd.
3 months ago
Some of my fondest WoW memories are of being a noob in Tirisfal Glades. Walking down the path to Brill and being terrified of Gordo lumbering out of the fog only to realize he’s friendly. The original Agamand Mills quests which are still probably my favorite quests in the game. A lot of great stuff in that zone.
Deleted User 281
3 months ago
Tirisfal Glades -> Elwynn Forest ;)
3 months ago
Elwynn forest by far. The music, the colours, the quests, it all fits perfect together. Dun Morogh comes second, a bit boring due to all the snow, but it also got some nice music and quests.

My least favorite has to be Mulgore, but mainly because taurens feel so slow, combined with the large plains of Mulgore, makes the experience dreadful.
3 months ago
res wrote:
1 year ago
Nothing can beat the classical fantasy setting of Elwynn Forest.

A wizarding tower, a tavern that's always filled with people, knights in shining armour, and vicious half-humanoids terrorising the countryside are just some of the lovely bits you will experience while encompassed by the idyllic and soothing atmosphere of a summertime forest. You feel safe, your adventure is still beginning, but you will still face many challenges here.

Subplots involve making an invisibility potion, exploring seemingly abandoned mines, and a murder investigation!

Something I like about the human starting zone is that once you have overcome the lowly struggles of Elwynn and continue to venture out towards Westfall and beyond, your later adventures will keep bringing you back here, making the world feel more connected. Quests in Stormwind, Westfall, Redridge, and Duskwood will all have you coming back to the safety of your characters cradle for various reasons, making the politics and culture of the kingdom of Stormwind feel more real than some of the other factions in the game.
Being a human first, Elwynn will always have a special place in my heart. Teldrassil is right up there too, along with Dun Morogh. I can't differentiate between nostalgia and quality content.

I did make an undead character, but I don't really remember much about it, so I'll have to be sure to check it out.
3 months ago
I love Durotar, but I think Tirisfal Glades has a better flow to it.
3 months ago
rijndael wrote:
3 months ago
Mulgore > Teldrassil > Elwynn > Tirisfal > Dun Morogh > Durotar
I agree with this
3 months ago
Probably Mulgore, just because it's the only starting zone I haven't played through 20x already.
3 months ago

Elwynn Forest has such beautifully peaceful music and ambient sounds.

I listened to this whilst working this afternoon. What a nerd, eh? :ugeek:
3 months ago
Mulgore > Teldrassil > Elwynn > Tirisfal > Dun Morogh > Durotar
3 months ago
None of them.

Wait just a second before you grab the pitchforks!

This is not because they're bad zones, it's just that I've created that many alts that never made it past level 10 that I'm sick to death of them.
3 months ago
I love all horde starting zone and all of them for different reasons.
Tirisfal for its gloomy mood and new begginigs.
Durotar for its feel of (re)building home.
Mulgore for the tribes, Thunderbluff and flourishing vegetation :)
3 months ago
Alliance it's a toss up between Dun Morogh and Elwynn Forest. For Horde it has to be Mulgore, I feel like Thunder Bluff is one of the best capitals in the game.
3 months ago
Mulgore for me, my first character was a Tauren, and one of the big moments for me was stepping outside Camp Narache for the first time and just seeing the open fields go on for what looked like forever, that really made me realize what a big game I had stepped into.

I also find it very easy to navigate due to how flat it is, and most of the quests are in somewhat close proximity to each other, they don't scatter you around everywhere like some of the other zones. If I were to level through all 1-10 zones, Mulgore would be by far the quickest and most enjoyable for me.
3 months ago
Elwynn forest is my absolute favorite. Gorgeous zone that really starts out simple. Although Tirisfal Glades is a very close second.
3 months ago
Although I'm a Hordie, I must say I prefer leveling in Elwynn Forest and Teldrassil. Elwynn just has the best quests and Teldrassil is magical.

Not too fond of all the dead things in Tirisfal and dry Durotar. Might also be because I'm an altoholic and ran those places at least 100x.
3 months ago
I might reconsider my previous statement: Teldrassil --> Elwynn Forrest --> Durotar --> Tirisfal Glades --> Dun Morogh --> Mulgore
3 months ago
Elwynn Forest, no doubt.

When you listen the very first seconds of the music in the area, it gives the same magic of the Witcher 3 music for me.
3 months ago
Elwynn Forest for me, especially given my favoured Alliance leanings. It's such a beautiful zone to level in.

I ramp up the music and just enjoy myself, levelling in relative peace.

For Horde though, absolutely Tirisfal Glades. Haunting and a great story.
3 months ago
I don't care for Durotar, it's bright on the eyes and a bit boring. I love Mulgore and Elwynn.