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1 hour ago
Hi all,

Just found this page as well, while browsing for some classic content. Great forum, with some very interesting posts!
Nice to see there are so many people hyped for the re-release of classic!

I'm from Sweden and been playing since 2005. Back in Vanilla I played as Zaycho, Orc Hunter on Shattered Hand EU
Pushed through end game content and kept playing to mid of Wrath. Then I lost interest and stopped playing. Been playing some Legion and BFA but it never really caught my interest. It just feels too easy, and not rewarding.

I'm super excited for the classic release and will play as a Hunter, once again but this time it will be a Dwarf!

I will keep lurking the forum and now when I've registered I might as well start to reply!

Stay cool!
3 days ago
Hey guys, how are y’all doing? I’m really hyped for classic and so happy I found this forum! I’ve been playing since vanilla, and didn’t really like any expansions except TBC, and quit shortly after that. Been lurking here for a while now and I thought I’d make an account, better late than never right? (Just like the re-release of classic WoW, hehe)

I’m from Sweden if you wonder about my name. It’s all the strange extra vowels we have. I also suffer from extremely bad imagination when it comes to naming a character, so that’s why..

In the meantime while I’m not enjoying the summer weather I decided to start leveling a 19 twink on live servers. Just for the lulz! I’m playing on Al’Akir - EU on Alliance if anyone wants to join in. It’s pretty fun to see how the game have changed after all this time, but I’m thrilled that twinking is still a thing! I’m using a freebie starter account though so I’m not sure how the friend requests work, if they work at all. But if you want to try then I’m game!
3 days ago
Hey all,

Ngl I'm a pretty new WoW player (only hit 120 level halfway through Uldir). I play monk in retail WoW so it was a trek to figure out my class /race etc for Classic. (Honestly there's a lot to choose from)

Tried out most classes on a private server (Lights Hope babey) and it took me a long while to figure out which classes I like. I'll prob play gnome mage as my first char in classic (I'd prefer to play on horde but I don't like the look of the undead or troll models).

I'm really hyped for classic release since I tried out the last server on Lights hope, Silver hand because I was playing when the server started and it was a LOT of fun racing against people and scamming then out of gold. I think i made like 3g in the first 9 hours of the server by selling Lesser and Greater Magic wands,

Anyway I'm pretty new and pretty hyped so I suppose that's all there is to it
3 days ago
Dreadbullden wrote:
4 days ago
It does leave me to wonder though; Where did this website come from, who created this and how long has it been around?

Hey Dread! Welcome to the site and thanks for your very kind words :smile:

I started in March 2018 and since then the community here has grown to make it into the lively place that you see today! Shout outs to all the new folks and of course the old timers for posting here!
4 days ago
Hello Barrens Chat!

I have to start this by saying I was immediately enthralled by the layout and old-school vibe/theme of this website. I can't remember the last time an account creation was such an enjoyable process. Reminded me of that gitty feeling I had as a kid creating my very own/first WoW account (with my Dad's credit card and approval, of course.)

I stumbled across this site from a YT video made by Chimly (who I stumbled across just today) suggesting to check out Minorou's Dungeon Lore Companion on here without giving any other explanation/information than that. So, I didn't expect to discover all that this wonderful website has to offer.

It does leave me to wonder though; Where did this website come from, who created this and how long has it been around?

Thank you!

6 days ago
Just found this forum while randomly browsing some information on Classic.

I played in Vanilla beta all the way into a bit of Wrath at which point I became disinterested in the game. I mained both a Rogue and Mage on Sargeras PvP Server. I am likely going to be playing a Rogue this go around, although probably looking at a slightly different build from before (21/3/27 Hemo Sword build is what I am currently looking at, might even go Premeditation).
1 week ago
S'up. Shivus from EU-Ysera originally, High Society was my first guild :)
Have played a Fury-Warrior as Main since Vanilla and will be doing so once more for WoW Classic!

Am quite excited already! Really hoping I can find a suitable guild for my desires (clear all raid content, but with a nice and friendly guild that has some casual vibes to it).

Lok-tar ogar!
1 week ago
Hello. I'm dreadwail and I've been playing since launch. I currently main a priest. 👋
1 week ago
Hi all,

I am a casual player from late vanilla >> BFA, stopped playing a few months ago as the game was doing my head in. Looking forward to classic and intend to drink my body weight in beer while bungling my through to L60, hopefully having a bit of craic along the way.

Toodle pip!

1 week ago
Veteran player, new Guild Master.

Ive been sticking to reddit and discord for the past couple of months but a guildy recommended I come check out the community over here. Look forward to getting some non-edgy conversations going with yall.
1 week ago
Also relatively new here. Love the forums, discussions, guides. I particularly like the class/race comparison tool and such. Really great waiting room for classic launch. Thank you very much!
1 week ago
Hello all! Found this site yesterday while doing some research on class combinations. I was a fairly hardcore Vanilla/BC player in my college days (cleared through Twin Emps in AQ40), and have subbed off and on since WOTLK, clearing most raids on normal/heroic in a casual guild. Don't love the current direction of retail, and I'm hyped for classic! Still undecided between warrior, rogue, and priest though.
1 week ago
Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Andre, playing wow since its early days, most of the time on p servers over the last years.
I wish all of you a fun time in wow classic! will see us ingame!
1 week ago
Hi all! I stumbled across this forum a few days ago and have been lurking/looking around. Decided I should make an account because this place seems great! My hype for Classic is becoming more and more intense the closer we get to release!
1 week ago
Hi Guys,

Decided to make an account, just to say hello, as I've spent the last few days looking through the forums here :)

I played WoW from release; EU Horde; mained Warrior upto TBC release, then mained Holy Pala until end of WotLK when I stopped playing. Got back into the game just before BFA launch and played Holy Pala and DH for some time in BFA, though it was mainly achievement farming and not solid raiding because I didn't much enjoy the content. My PC stopped working at the end of last year and I haven't been bothered to fix it due to other priorities/money/new gf but 2 irl friends I used to play with in BFA wanted to start afresh in Classic and I'm actually really looking forward to it. Gonna main Feral Druid this time around.

Really pleased this kind of environment exists, was concerned that there weren't that many people out there getting as excited for Classic as me.

Now it's just a case of fixing my PC and waiting until release :)
1 week ago
Hello and Hejsan!

Been lurking these forums for nearly a month and decided to create an account.

My signature says it all.

Love, Erik
1 week ago
Hi all, nice to meet you! New to the forum, but not to WoW.

Started somewhere mid-Vanilla during high school. Hooked on Conquer Online 2, two of my started playing WoW and recommended the game to me. Pessimistic at first, I decided to give it a go. After three hours in Shadowglen - and skipping dinner - I finally reached the road to Dolanaar. Then I found realised how big WoW was and I was hooked! This was all at Ravenholdt (RP-PvP).

Switched to Horde (Sporeggar RP-PvP) just before TBC hit and in TBC I had the most fun. Raided at high level on my mage for a while, until my account was hacked. Account frozen for almost 6 weeks and when I returned the char did not feel the same anymore. So I rerolled Alliance on the same realm and eventually transferred to Steamwheedle Cartel (RP). My characters are still there, except I only play for 1-2 months after each expansion and then get bored.

Played on several private realms such as Vengeance of Azeroth where we had a nice and small community. And then the news finally hit us… CLASSIC! I have trouble playing other games now and I'm counting down the days.

For Classic I will be joined by 3-5 people I know IRL, of which some have played since WotLK and some have never played WoW. So I am looking forward to that. Faction is not set in stone yet, but we are looking for a bunch of nice and mature people to guild up with. We are all around our 30's with stuff to do besides WoW and while we love some good ol' PvP, we do not want to be corpsecamped and thus will be rolling PvE (pref. RP for the more mature names and people).

Very hyped for Classic!

Edit: extra info
1 week ago
Hello, it’s me.

A lil lurk who made an account the other day cause why not, might as well.
1 week ago
Sup bruvas. Just here to lurk the forums for info on classic.
Only played like retail from Cata untill BfA. Only have memories of my older cousins playing WoW when I did not have money for a decent PC or monthly subscription. ;)
1 week ago
Hello! I'm Bandos and I got here looking for forums to recruit for my Classic guild. I'm a long-time WoW veteran who has gotten together with other WoW veterans and players who still play today to run a semi-hardcore raiding guild on a Est NA PvP server. If you would like more information pm me!
1 week ago
love wrote:
1 week ago
I've played wow since release, was a warrior back then and will be a warrior again in vanilla. Looking forward to a fresh start! Found the barrens chat by chance and I absolutely love the site!
This site is F smooth i've been through many forum in my life but this one is the best i've experienced so far
1 week ago
I've played wow since release, was a warrior back then and will be a warrior again in vanilla. Looking forward to a fresh start! Found the barrens chat by chance and I absolutely love the site!
1 week ago
Hello Guys! Just discovered and joined this forum and i think it’s a piece of art! Thanks for making this! Im a WOW player since 2006 (i was 9 years old) and started playing literally 2 weeks before TBC launched. I remember when i first got the game for christmas sleeping with it that night.
I can’t wait to fully relive the experience that vanilla was, and im sure it’s going to be amazing. I was warlock back then, but this time im choosing rogue! Good to meet you all!
1 week ago
I'm nobody important, just some lad on the internet who pretends they're a synth/android raptor-thing.

2 weeks ago
Afk wrote:
2 weeks ago
By this time TBC had been release and I did not know that Wotlk was just around the corner, because when I hit lvl 70 and was ecstatic, lich king released mere 12 hours later and yeah, I was a bit slow to level up after that.
I can imagine that was a little bit demoralizing! :lol: I had a similar experience when TBC released, but luckily I was aware that the expansion was coming.