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  •  What is your overall favorite leveling zone?

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1 day ago
I've always had a soft spot for the starting zones. My overall favorite zones are Mulgore and Elwynn Forest by far! :)
1 day ago
I don't know guys how about you, but i find Darkshore (Classic and TBC) the most atmospheric and sorta "magic" location among the rest. Including everything: quests, music, ambient, creatures and cities. Maybe cuz it's the first dangerous location i'd made to back in the times. Maybe cuz myself is a kind of person who like to have some time being alone with myself and my thoughts, but this is my totem location. Do you hear those curious ambient sounds watching the image? Cuz i do.

P.S. Still i love every single location, but this one has its own zest.

1 day ago
Razor wrote:
4 months ago
Probably Ashenvale - the first serious clash with the opposing faction giving you a kick of adrenaline, great lore in terms of Warsong Gulch and of course, the soundtrack, to my mind the best in the game.
acrmojt wrote:
4 months ago
I like 1k Needles. The feeling of being away from all civilization and just out in the burning sun in the wilds is cool.
Also, this. Moving to Thousand Needles always gave a feeling of actually "growing up", leaving the Barrens where you did spend most of your childhood and now moving to uncharted areas where you are on your own.
As horde I also love all the early Forsaken areas, don't know why, probably something about the tragedy of it all.
1 day ago
Duskwood is the best. The atmosphere, the theme, and the quests are all quite good (with the exception of the travel from east/west repeatedly). It's a tremendous zone and I always do it.

After that there's a lot of pretty good zones, like Darkshore, Tanaris, Un'Goro, Hillsbrad/Alterac, and Feralas.
2 days ago
All green sunny zones makes me feel happy.

#1 Mulgore no doubt then there are some others such as
Arathi Highlands
Loch Modan
Elwynn Forest
Stranglethorn Vale

Then I also enjoy green zones that are not as sunny (but not nearly as much as sunny ones)

Hillsbrad Foothills
Un'Goro Crater

Rest are depressing as fudge, maybe it's because I'm a COW

2 days ago
Stranglethorn vale is best location. lots of zergs!
1 month ago
Westfall, Duskwood and EPL/WPL
1 month ago
For me it's definitely Un'Goro.
There are few things quite as satisfying as running around a zone and completing 14 quests at once for that huge turnin.
1 month ago
Tanaris and Redridge
1 month ago
Winterspring and Tanaris are some of my favorites. Hinterlands is another, love the awesome troll ruins there and mithril $_$.

Hillsbread ofc due to Tarren Mill/South shore war.

Looking forward to living through them again!
1 month ago
Sorry for being generic but Elwynn Forest is definitely my #1 (in Vanilla WoW). This map always makes me feel like I'm in some kind of Amish town where I'm actually a part of the world. Dun Morogh comes close too. It was the first area I looked in to and I immediately fell in love with World of Warcraft wandering there as a tiny gnome.
1 month ago
Hillsbrad Foothills

I loved world PvP and that place was the place to go! No matter what level you were.
Endless upon endless battles.
1 month ago
Eastern Plaguelands my guy! i just love smithing some undead! go to hell scourge! :D
1 month ago
Duskwood was and is still one of my favorite areas. Dark and spooky with true terror waiting just off the path. I also loved the prehistoric feel of Un'goro. I remember my first time crossing the desert of Tanaris and descending into Un'goro, as the mists overtook the clear skies I could hear Pterrodax cries.

I'd heard of Devilsaurs but was excited to see one myself. It saw me before I saw it...
1 month ago
I've always loved Ashenvale for a number of reasons. First off, I was a huge, huge WC3 fan, so seeing Ashenvale in WoW for the first time was just incredible to me. It really drove it all home that "holy crap I'm actually IN the WORLD of Warcraft. Second, the Aesthetic is really nice. Dark, NElf-y woods. The music is great. It's just really enjoyable to be in. Then, it's the first contested zone I encountered, which brought a whole new thrill with it.
1 month ago
tbh I like me a little STV. brings back memories trying to quest there
1 month ago
Redridge, Darkshore, and Wetlands are all really cool. Also have fond memories of being in Feralas when I hit lvl 40 as enhancement in BC. Getting a kodo mount + dual wield + stormstrike all around the same time felt awesome. Remember that "weapons of spirit" quest? :biggrin:
1 month ago
Alliance: probably Darkshore.
Horde: definitely Silverpine or Tirisfal Glades. Absolutely love undead atmosphere and seeing the ruined human hillside.
1 month ago
I really like Redridge. The quests are easy enough, the enviroment looks great! And the time spent is short enough that i wont grow tired of it! 10/10 :)
1 month ago
STV is da best.
1 month ago
As a leveling zone Barrens is hands down the best one. Surely for Classic will name my bank alt MankriksWife.
1 month ago
Feralas and Thousands Needles one of my favourite zones overall.
1 month ago
I am not sure why but I am always happy when I reach Arathi Highlands:
And a bit sad when I leave :P
1 month ago
Good question.
There is many for me but if there is just one too pick - it would be Tirisfal Glades.
I have so much found memories of that place, old brill and the inn.
Good time it was. :lol:
1 month ago
Duskwood and Redridge.
The entire theory behind picking different cholor schemes mentioned by Blizz is pretty clever and definitely had an effect on me. (Going from Green to Yellow to Red to Blue, if you play a Human) That's part of the reason I never liked questing in Kalimdor as much. Just a lot of deserts, mountains and wastelands there imo.

Redridge gives off that cozy atmosphere of your average (in a good way) RPG town, and Duskwood has that spooky vibe, great quests and memorable moments and they both have very fitting music.